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Jul 10, 2008 10:05 AM

Narrowed Portland Brunch to 2...

Seattle CH heading through Portland in a few weeks. Love Sunday brunch, so I was hoping for some input on my list of 2 I have narrowed it down to? Not really looking for a greasy spoon or anything too uppity, hopefully something in the middle (but not against the higher end). Somewhere that has good food though is a must (Mimosas/Bloody Mary's a plus, good coffee is a neccessity)
Here's the 2 I was looking at...
Simpatica -looks wonderfully tasty while a bit rustic from the website. This is my top pic, but was wondering how difficult to get in on a sunday without a res?
Besaws - just the mass amount of choices, just sitting here I can't decide between the breakfast burrito and the proscuitto and egg scramble. yum. looks small though, long wait? bring a paper to read while waiting?

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    1. re: Mallory

      Besaw's is a greasy spoon, IMHO, not my favorite. Maybe 20 years ago...

      1. re: Leonardo

        Thank you for sealing the deal! that was the one I was hoping to get the better reviews... How hard would it be to get in on a random sunday?

        1. re: nseattlefoodie

          If you get there when it problem. I don't think they take reservations for sunday. Portland can be an insane breakfast town - 45+ min waits if you go mid morning... I just tend to go early because I don't like waiting.

          1. re: MyNextMeal

            Even if you have to wait it is worth it...but if you are an early bird, it makes it easier. Waiting 15 minutes for them to open at 9am as opposed to waiting 45 minutes at 10am, for example. If you have 8 or more, they will take reservations for brunch.

            1. re: JillO

              good to know! thanks! i have no problem waiting, just was curious what to expect, go hungry and eat soon or have a bite before to not be starving.

    2. Simpatica's great, as are many other places that could pose quite a lengthy wait, but you might consider Rocket on E Burnside as you should have no problem getting right in. We hit them for the first time ever this past Sunday and it was excellent. They've never gotten raves for dinner (and have recently revamped) but don't let that dissuade you. I had the "60 minute eggs", which are cooked sous vide (giving them a unique texture) and served with braised bacon and creamed greens. My wife had the "Mrs. Crisp", aka a croque madame, also very tasty. With two cocktails and coffees (a Corpse Reviver and a Bloody Mary, both made with Portland-produced spirits) it was $45. Plus you can't beat the view.

      Screen Door or Genie's would be a far better choice than Besaw's for a more "down-to-earth" menu but again you face an hour+ wait at peak times.