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Jul 10, 2008 09:57 AM

The Soup Man ( MSP-downtown Mpls)

I see The Soup Man has just opened in the Capella Towers, skyway.
Anyone been? Any impressions from other locations?

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    1. Keep in mind that it's all a corporate chain, now. It's obviously not going to be what it once was, as Al Yeganeh, the Big Guy, has *zero* to do with them. He sold them the North American rights to it, and has left the country. Whether they even have his recipes, or if they do, whether they actually stick to them, is completely unknown. I wouldn't get your hopes up high.

      Soup seems to be one of those things that, increasingly, businesses want to charge a *whole lot* for, without actually putting forth much effort into the food itself. Sorry, kids.

      1. I am willing to try this place some time and will report back. My first hope was this was a replacement for the long-lamented "soup place" as the Lone Donut Cafe was affectionately known by my co-workers and me.