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Jul 10, 2008 09:55 AM

Menu Help - cooking for "the Man" for the 1st time

HELP! He asked me to make him dinner. I make a really good asian influenced marinade that I LOVE over Ahi tuna. Simple easy. HERES THE PROBLEM - the sides...I want to keep it simple...dinner may be on the late side, so nothing complicated. I was thinking roasted baby carrots, baby zucinni and baby bok choy and then couscous and a salad.

I need your help. I have 6 days to pull this together. And Yes, I will obsess needlessly until the first bite is taken.

Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestions.

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  1. Have you thought about plating the ahi on a bed of fresh spinach. I like to rinse the leaves and then place them on the plate flat. I take a damp piece of towel paper and microw wave it for a minute or so. The spinach retains is structural integrity and looks great.

    You can also plate the tuna over mashed taters with wasabi.

    1. Steamed snap peas, roasted baby potatoes and a salad. Don't overdo it. Sounds lovely though. Good luck.

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        I would never mix fish and carrots; spinach would definitely work. Good luck!

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          I am a carrott lover....Please tell me why no carrots and fish?

      2. Cellophane noodles are easy and cook up some veg. in a soy/ginger based sauce.

        1. I like roasted mushrooms a lot with Tuna, and they make for a slightly meatier side dish for a male palate.
          I'm also a huge fan of a simple seared asparagus.

          1. What about green beans- I've done a spicy hoisin/soy/ginger sauce with lightly fried green beans which seems time consuming but is pretty easy if you treat it more like a stir-fry.

            You could also reserve some of the marinade to reduce and pour over sauteed green beans.