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Jul 10, 2008 09:13 AM

Dexters BRUNCH..thorton park or winter park

Ive heard a lot of people talk about dexters brunch and raving about it.. how is it set up andhow much does it cost? I ask because i dont feel like going in there and finding out their brunch is $40 and only subpar.. any other recomendations on brunch would be nice aswell..

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  1. Dexters has a really good's a la carte. They have breakfast and lunch items on the menu, and specials on mimosas and bloody marys. I love their mimosas...they come in all types of tropical flavors. The potato pancakes are great too. With drinks its still definitely less than $20 pp.

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      hmm are there any good buffet ( i hate to say buffet) brunchs? im use to an amazing buffet brunch on sundays at the eau gallie (err melbourne) yacht club..

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        The Grand Bohemian has an amazing brunch! It's near Lake Eola as well. But it is pricey....around 50 bucks pp.

    2. I would suggest considering the Sunday Brunch at Harmoni Market in College Park as well. They offer a bountiful variety of items, including the obligatory omelette station. The brunch buffet is spread out in the aisles throughout the store.

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        I didn't even know they started offering a Sunday Brunch....I have been to eat lunch there a couple of times when I've been in Orlando. They have wonderful food!

      2. Dexters is order off of the menu, as is:

        Fifi's (downtown)
        Cityfish (downtown)
        Graze (downtown)
        Beacon (downtown)
        Hue (downtown)
        Village Tavern (by Millenia Mall)
        Luma on park (Winter Park)
        310 Park South (Winter Park)
        Park Plaza gardens (Winter Park)

        All of the places listed above are nice for brunch, some have menus or sample menus online.

        Dexter's Thornton Park is louder than Winter Park, but you can walk around dowtown after eating and also people watch while dining outside. (WP has outside dining, but less foot traffic) Food is great, Bloody Mary's and mimosa's are both yummy! Parking is easier in WP than Thornton Park.

        I'll be checking out Harmoni for their new brunch sooner than later now! Yum!