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Jul 10, 2008 09:12 AM

Ali Baba's on College now open

Apologies if this has been mentioned. Walked by yesterday around 6pm. Shwarma's and falafel sandwiches going for $1 each. Grabbed a falafel sandwich. Tasty little thing. The falafel was fresh; crispy on the outside and warm and tender on the inside (could just have been a side effect of the steady volume of business they were doing).

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  1. When the location at Dundas and Church first opened, I loved it too, since it was fresh and crispy and tasty. However, I no longer crave them because they were getting worse and worse with each subsequent visit. Hope it doesn't happen to this location!

    1. Well, there's dinner taken care of. Thanks for the heads up. I'll hopefully have some tasting notes tomorrow.

      1. We were there for lunch today. It was a little passed 1pm, people were lining up on the street (the place is tiny). I had the falafel, bf had the chicken shawarma. I thoroughly enjoyed mine: piping hot, and the taboulah was good as ever. bf said his chicken was very fragrant, but very dry and undersauced. Maybe that was rarity: I saw a guy gulping his shawarma with no complaints.
        For less than $10, it is a great deal. I think the daily specials also stands at this location. I would definetely choose this place over College St Falafel.

          1. re: stapler

            Right next to the Royal Cinema. It's a wee little hole in the wall but damn it's tasty. Had a beef and a chicken shawarma last night, lady had a falafel, and we ordered some hummus to go. Freshly made food, well prepared with an interesting and appealing assortment of veggies inside along with a rather fiery and interesting hot sauce. I'll be back, I suspect often. It was quite busy last night, take away orders out the door, and a couple of small two seaters outside on the sidewalk.

            Give it a whirl, it ain't too bad at all. It might not be the be all end all of falafel huts in the city, but it's pretty dang good.