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Jul 10, 2008 08:53 AM

New place in Clarendon (next to Ballroom)

What's the new place called in Clarendon that just opened up next to Clarendon Ballroom? Has anyone been there yet?

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      1. re: dcs

        When I walked by today it didn't look like it was open yet? Is it? There is also a place on Wilson called Hazl I think which looks like it could be interesting, but not really any clue what it is yet. I keep googling and haven't found much yet.

    1. Haven't been there but just got this in my DailyCandy:

      Spider Kelly's.

      Named for a 1900s-era boxing star, the casually chic bar is hassle free and welcoming. The neighborhood-oriented spot features comfy booths, outdoor seating, and photos of graffiti art from around D.C.

      There’s no cocktail list, so the personable bartenders can get creative with your tastes or shake up old-school libations to enjoy in the retro back lounge.

      The menu includes comfort food classics (shrimp po’boy and Dr. Pepper-marinated pork), shareable sides, and massive burgers with house-made toppings like beer mustard, pico de gallo, and a balsamic-onion marmalade.

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      1. re: elaineathon

        " hassle free"

        what does that mean in this context?

        count me as skeptical when the artwork is photos of dc graffiti.

        but i am a curmudgeon. i haven't even made my first trip to liberty tavern....

        1. re: alkapal

          Alkapal- you will like liberty! Go on a weeknight when it is less crowded, the bar downstairs is often full, but the restaurant part is not as bad. They have a great pizza called the Vermont which I stole the idea, and now make an almost as good version of at home. They also have good huge sandwiches at lunch time and aren't busy at all then.

          1. re: ktmoomau

            You are so spot on with the Vermont. Really good! I also love their salads. Went there a few weeks ago and had one of their summer cocktails...Grapefruit Ruby. So refreshing!

            1. re: dckw

              I had that grapefruit drink too! It was really refreshing, I really liked it too. I keep meaning to get to happy hour there sometime.

              I will have to get a salad next time. They seem to be good at taking minimal ingredients and executing well to make something very refreshing and tasty. Their sandwiches are so huge I could take like half with me. I had the primanti brothers (from Western MD used to go to P-burg a lot) and it wasn't exactly the same but it was good and huge, their breads are just really good.

              It doesn't hurt that they are right by GMU Law so it is an easy study break and it is quiet during the day and they don't mind you studying a bit.