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Jul 10, 2008 08:52 AM

Looking for south shore lobster shack

Hi all,

I will be visiting the Boston area this weekend and wanted to have a nice outdoor lobster lunch on Friday afternoon with the girlfriend (we arrive at Logan tomorrow morning, will be renting a car and heading down to the Norwood area where we're staying). I figured there might be some places close to Quincy, which is kinda on the way, where I could stop for lunch. So far most of the recs I've seen on here have been for places with fried clams and fried seafood, but no mention of lobster. Any recs for places where I could get some fresh lobster by the coast?

I'm not on a tight schedule so I would be willing to drive a bit farther, like maybe to Nantasket...


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  1. It seems as though the Hingham Lobster Pound, on 3A in Hingham, would suit your needs.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      I agree. The Hingham Lobster Pound should work out for you. No seating there, though...

      1. re: hiddenboston

        The town beach is right nearby although I don't know if you need a sticker to park in the lot. Also World's End reservation is nearby. In Nantasket there is Jakes but it has no outdoor seating although the dining room is bright and airy. You could always get your food to go from Jakes and take it to Nantasket Beach were you do not need a sticker to park, just $3. I really do NOT recommend the Olde Salt Box in Cohasset Harbor, which like so many places with outdoor seating and a nice view has food which does not live up to it.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          I'll 3rd this and suggest taking it to go and heading down the street a 1/4 mile and enjoy your food while sitting on the grass by the boat launch overlooking hingham harbor.

        2. re: Allstonian

          Hingham Lobster Pound was one of the places I was considering, but due the lack of seating I wanted to see if there were any other options. I guess I could always take it to go and find somewhere to eat as it sounds like there are quite a few options nearby.

          Anybody had lobster from there?

        3. Not a lobster shack per se but very good fried seafood, chowda, etc at Jake's in Hull.

          1. Just so you know it exists, Finz on Rt 1A in Dedham is just north of Norwood. They have three preparations of lobster at lunch or dinner. Not on the coast and no outdoor seating, but the indoor seating is clean, casual, comfortable and fun. I haven't had their lobster, but would give it a try as their fresh shucked oysters are delicious.

            It is in an unlikely location next to a hotel, but on my few visits the seafood has been very good.

            1. The Hingham Lobster Pound is excellent. However, if the lack of seating is an issue, and you aren't looking for boiled lobster, necessarily, Tony's Clam Shack on Wollaston Beach has an excellent lobster roll. I had it last weekend, and it probably had over half a pound of lobster meat in it. It was piled so high on the roll that it was falling onto the plate.

              1. How about the Fairview Inn in Marshfield (Brant Rock)? They have a gorgeous deck with open ocean views and decent food. When I want OCEAN this place is the first place I think of.