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Vancouver & Victoria

Billy Bob Jul 10, 2008 08:43 AM

Going to be visiting Vancouver and Victoria next week and am looking for some good Hound Worthy destinations. Open to all types of cuisines. I enjoy fine dining, but for me the family run hidden gems are what I really enjoy. Also looking for good brew pubs to sample some of the local beers.

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  1. b
    Bob Mac Jul 10, 2008 10:37 AM

    Billy Bob:

    If you do a search of either location you will find plenty of suggestions.

    With respect to Victoria, close to the Johnson [the "blue bridge"] Street Bridge you will find in relatively close proximity to brew pubs, Swans and a nice walk along the inner harbour Spinnaker's. I have enjoyed both depending upon what I want to eat and the weather.

    1. g
      gourmet wife Jul 10, 2008 11:09 AM

      If you're off to the island and have time, stop by Sidney. It's only a 5 minutes from the ferry terminal. The food here isn't fine dining, it's simple and very fresh. There's a very tiny restaurant on the pier right behind the ticket booth. Not many people know about it but it's got an amazing view of the water since it sits over the water. The crab cakes are very tasty and the fish'n chips aren't bad either. There's serveral restaurants along the espanade by the pier, great food again not fancy but fresh. There's a greek restaurant along the main road, can't remember the name but it's good too.

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      1. re: gourmet wife
        anewton Jul 10, 2008 05:17 PM

        Do a search of the board, Billy Bob.

        Most popular recs on this board are, in no particular order:

        1) West
        2) Vij's
        3) Tojo's
        4) Chambar
        5) Guu/Guu with Garlic
        6) Hapa Izakaya
        7) Aurora Bistro
        8) Bin 941/942 (tapas)
        9) Granville Island Market (i.e. Go Fish, Oyama Meats)
        10) Peaceful Restaurant (northern Chinese)

        1) Brasserie L'Ecole
        2) Paprika
        3) Niche
        4) Zambri's
        5) Red Fish/Blue Fish (lunch/casual)
        6) Ferris' Oyster Bar (casual)
        7) Stage (small plates)
        8) Restaurant Matisse
        9) Sooke Harbour House (40 min drive from Victoria)
        10) Mo:Le (breakfast)

        There are MANY more good options than what I've listed above. This is just a sample of frequently discussed restaurants on this board. If you search any of them on the board, you will find a lot of information and a variety of reviews/opinions. I think the most important steps are to: 1) research from multiple sources (i.e. chowhounds, tripadvisor, reputable guide books (Frommer's, Fodor's) 2) make reservations in advance. Many of the best restaurants require reservations 2-4 weeks in advance, particularly for weekend dining.

        Good luck! Avoid the tourist traps

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