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Jul 10, 2008 08:42 AM

North Shore Kosher Revisited-Assistance Is Greatly Appreciated (and needed)

I've posted about this before, so forgive the repetition. Circumstances in my life call for the need to host kosher meals, shabbos included, more frequently than before. I've only hosted Sunday morning bagel-fests, to which my father insisted to bring food from der alter hoim--brooklyn--because they have his favorite 'russian black bagels' that he was sure could not be purchased elsewhere, certainly not on the North Shore of Long Island.
That being said, I need some help in finding a good butcher and/or take out place, in or near Sea Cliff where I live, or Mineola, where I work.
First, a few questions:
1. On prior posts, hounds have alluded to Mazurs and Mazouns, both in Litle Neck. Are these one and the same, or two separate stores?
2. I found a butcher on WIllis Avenue in Roslyn/Albertson, I believe called Roslyn Kosher Meats, which had a nice meat selection, as well as a serious A&H selection. The other items looked quite shvach.
3. My prior posts regarding this subject were limited to the North Shore. Now that I work in Mineola, I am close to West Hempstead, which I am guessing dramatically increases my choices.
4. The particular items I'm looking for are:
a) Water Challah (good water challah)
b) Matjes Herring
c) Overnight/Shmata Kugel (Brooklyn places label it as 'Heimeshe Potato Kugel')
d) Yerushalmi Kugel
e) Fried and/or Chopped Liver
f) Galla/Pcha
g) Chuluptjus (stuffed cabbage)
h) Good Kosher wine
i) Good nuts--fresh roasted filberts/almonds...a good Sephardi place
5. I am not afraid of going to 8 different stores to get the best of everything, that's what my father did.
I know this was long, so thanks.

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  1. Mazurs and Mauzone are two different stores. Mazars is more of butcher (i think) and Mauzone is a caterer/take out store.. I leave the west hempstead inffo for the west hemstead ppl to post

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      Actually, Mazurs is a butcher and small grocery store. It is the one place I can consistently find bison meat, in a number of different forms (ground, roasts, etc.). Their prices on grocery items seem higher than other Queens stores (over a dollar for yogurt that sells for 99 cents elsewhere, for ex.) There is also a small, very casual restaurant adjacent to the store, but I've never eaten there, so I can't comment on it. Berel's description of Mauzone is correct, and the one I am familiar with is in Kew Gardens Hills, but I think there are a few other branches.

    2. Bagel Boss sells a pretty good water challah.

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      1. re: craigcep

        Which bagel boss are you referring to? I called the one on Willis Avenue and they don't carry it.

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          I would assume that they have it. The ones that I have frequented - Jericho Turnpike in Jericho and South Oyster Bay Road in Hicksville/Plainview - both do.

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            I & D Glatt Kosher Butcher shop is located in West Hempstead. They have a lot of the food items that you are looking for.

        2. 1) There is no Mauzone on the North Shore any longer
          2) Butchers: Mazur's in Little Neck, Great Neck Glatt in Great Neck and several other butchers in Great Neck.
          3) The newest store in Great Neck is Shop Delight which is under supervision of the Vaad of Queens has groceries , prepared foods, and raw meat and baked goods departments. There several liquor stores in Great Neck that carry kosher wine.

          1. Had received a shabos dinner delivered from Ben's deli last week while sitting shiva. The food was remarkably good. Tasty chicken noodle soup. Roasted chicken that was not too salty or greasy. Challah. Pickles, mashed potatoes, large pieces of great gefilte fish. Very good stuff. I had always thought of Ben's for pastrami corned beef etc. I know that the Baldwin location delivers for a fee. We had catered parties for my mom while at the nursing home in New Hyde Park. We had ordered from an old menu and they even made an item that had been removed (liver knishes).
            We catered the Shiva from bagel boss in Hicksville. Bagels, nova, smoked fish, whitefish deboned and put back in its skin. Baked salmon salad, egg salad (I did not have it but hear the egg mushroom onion salad is the best). Tuna salad. Herring in cream sauce. The fish is the best since Russ and Daughters. The ruggelach are in a class by themselves since the demise of Ebbingers in Brooklyn. The bagels themselves were pretty good but not great. Super veggie cream cheese. Have a pound and a half of reg cream cheese left over since a friend sent us a bagel and nova platter for a different day.

            BTW somone was visiting us in Levittown from Manhattan and we ordered from Second ave Deli for our friends to pick up. My brother in law loves their chopped liver so we did a blindfolded taste test. Second ave. vs. Waldbaums. 4 out of 5 people did comparison perferred Waldbaums. The pastrami, corned beef, brisket and turkey were big disappiontments. On Take Out they are a real rip off. Ordered about 4 lbs of meat. They asked if you want pickles? 8 pickles $6, rye bread $11. The food can be summed up in one syllable, two letters, Eh. Not bad but not worth the effort or money. Will scan and post the itemized bill later. Second Ave. Do not cater.