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Jul 10, 2008 08:39 AM

[DFW] Kereje Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar - Dallas [DFW]

Has anyone braved this place. I have seen reviews both good and bad and since I am not fluent in Ehtiopian or the dialect that they speak I can not translate the menu. I would like to know what I am having before I try it out, not that I am scared but if I wanted chicken I don't want to be surprised by goat or the like.

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  1. Kereje is at a location that has been an Ethiopian restaurant for a long time. Every two years or so it changes hands and gets a new name. About once every year or two the chef changes and the dishes get spiced a little differently as a result. For the last seven years the food has always been good no matter who has owned it or been cooking there.

    The place is very much for Ethiopians; it is an Ethiopian social club and bar as well as a restaurant. If you want just to eat and not be part of the evening festivities go fairly early in the evening.

    As for the menu, it is very standard Ethiopian; you can hardly tell it from any of the other Ethiopian menus in Dallas.