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Jul 10, 2008 08:27 AM

Where can i get Brazilian Nuts?

I read recently where these are good for a mans Prostate. Where can I find these? Any help would be great.

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  1. You mean Brazil nuts. Here's a list of 4 stores in the Boston area that sells nuts... Phone and find out if they sell Brazil nuts:

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    1. re: Gio

      Make that 3 stores - alas, Dairy Fresh is only a memory now...

      1. re: threedogs

        Many thanks for that correction!

        1. re: threedogs

          What!! When did this happen! I used to live in Mass and go to Dairy Fresh whenever I got back there, was planning on going when I was there in a few weeks!

          1. re: LisaN

            Few months ago. They "closed for renovations" and never reopened.

            1. re: LisaN

              I heard that the original owner passed away, and, as in so many cases, the 'kids' (who are no longer kids, lol) didn't want to continue in the business.

              Every time I think about some ingredient I can't get locally, I realize I would have made the trip to Dairy Fresh (we called it, "Joe Candy's") ... sigh... guess now internet purchases prevail.

          2. re: Gio

            I stand corrected Gio. Thanks to all for your help.

            1. re: cindywho

              Second Trader Joes. I think I saw some there last weekend.

            2. Whole Food has them in their nuts and grains area.

              1. Superior Nut is a good suggestion from that original list. Trader Joe's is a good source for peeled nuts. If you want whole nuts, I would try something like Roberto's Fruit in Medford or New Deal Fruit in Revere (or other Italian fruit/vegetable markets). There was a Italian candy/chocolate company in Medford which also sold nuts they moved from Main near Harvard to Mystic near the car dealership about 2 years ago, but I am pretty certain they closed after that. And does Harvest in Central carry them in their bulk foods section?

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                1. re: itaunas

                  My own experience with Superior Nut was disappointing to say the least - I got a few packages of really bad, stale nuts - never went back (it would have cost me more, because of the distance, to return them).

                  What about the Mid Eastern shops in Watertown - I've never been - but isn't there (at least) one place that specializes in nuts?

                2. I ended up getting a pound for 4.99 at whole foods in newton, while others were charging 9.99 lb Fastachi in watertown. Are they different?Why the huge upcharge?

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                  1. re: Northstar22

                    I've wondered the same. And have found that the nuts at Whole Foods are more fresh (higher turnover. I imagine?) than other places...even Trader Joes sometimes (and their prices are good on nuts). As much as I prefer to give my business to smaller shops, if they are stale they aren't worth getting.

                    1. re: Northstar22

                      I don't know if they're necessarily worth twice the price, but I've never had anything from Fastachi that wasn't so delicious I had to be physically restrained from the bag. I've got the dregs of a bag of their toasted corn here on my desk, actually.

                      1. re: Northstar22

                        It may be that WFM gets discounted prices for buying huge amounts?