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Jul 10, 2008 08:13 AM

Harlem/Diversey hot dog cart

A few years back, there was a hot dog cart near Harlem and Diversey. It actually was a block north of Diversey on Harlem, in front of a Hollywood Video. It was run by a nice Polish man who served hot dogs and polish cooked on a grill on fresh bakery rolls. I remember at the time, the local village trustees (it was on the Elmwood Park side of Harlem) were trying to get him out of town, siting health concerns etc. I moved back into the area, and haven't seen him in a long time. The village probably succeeded in getting him out, as there's a concrete flower planter sitting right where his cart used to be. Does anyone remember this guy, and possibly where he might have moved to? He had some of the best hot dogs.

On the flip side, if you don't remember this guy in particular, any good tips on other hot dog vendors with carts in the area?

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  1. I also miss the hot dog cart man. I think the village ran him out. He had a great grilled dog that I would drive out of my way for. I moved out of the neighborhood about a year ago but make it back there once in a while and haven't seen him on the corner in many months. As far as I'm concerned, there is nobody nearby that has as good a dog as he had. I'm fond of grilled dogs and don't know anyone in the area that does one. (I'm a big fan of Murphy's on Belmont.)

    1. There is a grill on Diversey across from the Brickyard which is just a temple of char-grilled delights. it is a little run down and is run by an older greek man and his wife, but oh boy, you can tell by the streets and sans men there at lunch-great Hot dogs, sandwiches and fries.

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        Do you mean Mr. D's Shish Kabobs? That place has one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever eaten! (and trust me, I've eaten a lot)

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          Mr. D's! yes! great owner and man that is some charbroiled goodness
          Thanks for remembering the name!

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            Are you guys talking about the place on the corner of Diversey & Normandy (just across the street from the small factory)? It's a couple of blocks west of the Brickyard. If so, I would walk to the place and pick up steak sandwiches & fries for the wife and I. He had great steak sandwiches & burgers but never once did I ever see him grilling dogs. The few times I ordered dogs there, they were these flaccid, overcooked things with just mustard, oniions and relish.
            Man, my mouth is watering thinking of his steak sandwich and dirty fries!

      2. I am still looking for a hotdog to rival his. I used to go there ten years ago. I miss those days. He would always give me a kid's price because we came to him so often. Very nice guy! Wish I knew where he was.