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Jul 10, 2008 08:06 AM

In Search of Chorizo Sausage

Looking for Raw Chorizo Sausage, preferably metro west or Greater Boston. Karl's Sausage not an option. I have tried TJ's, Roche/Sudbury Farms and Whole Foods and have only found fully cooked sausage. Any ideas? I can always make my own if I cannot find them.

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  1. I've bought house made chorizo sausage from Formaggio in Cambridge. Last time I bought it was last weekend. But, since they are made there, you may want to call to see if they have any left or when the sausage guy is going to make more.

    1. I see Chorizo all the time in the grocery store. Try Market Basket. However, I haven't been very impressed with the chorizo in the grocery stores and usually make my own.

      1. I did see chorizo at Wilson's Farm last week, but don't know if it was raw or not....

        1. Capone's makes their own chorizo. It is frozen, but raw. I have some in my freezer, but haven't tried it yet.