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Jul 10, 2008 08:05 AM

Tracht's Long Beach summer $30 dinners

Executive Chef Suzanne Tracht and Chef de Cuisine Randy Montoya
showcase Tracht’s signature dishes for summer dining.
Offered Sunday through Wednesday, 6pm–10pm.
June 22 through September 1, 2008 (Labor Day).

Details and menu choices at

Three courses and a side, plus 25% off of wine bottles.

I can't remember where I read about this, but don't think it was here.

111 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

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  1. Thanks for the posting-I haven't been there since last fall...time to go back.

    1. Wow,
      Thanks from me too. I've got to get my SO off to dinner soon!

      1. You might have read it in the LATimes' Food Section, which just had a article about the bargains in the LA/OC area.

        1. For my report back.

          The three of us gave it a rating of "Okay for the money". Not over the top fantastic. A good value at $30. The menu is a bit schizophrenic, combining yuppie comfort food with a few Asian influenced choices. All things trendy.

          You get a downsized appetizer (we chose the deviled eggs and braised pork belly), more than adequate main course portion (we chose skirt steak and salmon), a side per person (we chose pea tendrils, brussels sprouts and creamed spinach), and a dessert (choices are choc pudding or pecan pie, however they offered banana cream pie since the pecan pie wasn't quite ready) The selections are from the regular menu. It's a good way to try the place if you have wondered what all the fuss was about.

          If I had paid much more I might nit pick a bit (pork belly a bit stringy, pea tendrils tough). The roast wild salmon (I'm guessing Alaskan sockeye) was nicely cooked.
          However, for Asian influenced food I'd much rather go to Benley. The banana cream pie was okay, made as an individual pie with a tart-style shell. However there is no shortage of great pie in LB.

          I think the raves are a bit over the top but I wouldn't say no to going back for the $30 menu.

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            Thanks for the report back mlgb. Good to know.