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Jul 10, 2008 08:04 AM

Can someone please explain chicken and waffles?

I don't understand this meal. Is this a low-country meal, Southern, Texan, etc? Do you eat them together, side by side on the same plate, or do you mix them so you get both flavors in the same bite? Are you supposed to put syrup and butter on the waffles?

To me a meal of chicken and a meal of waffles are completely separate and have completely separate and non-complimentary flavors. I'd love for someone to explain the history and appeal of this combo.

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  1. Your original post on this topic was moved from the Austin board, I guess because it is a more wide-ranging topic that is not Austin-specific. There are several responses to your original post.

    It's now under "General Chowhounding topics". Or you can click on "my chow" above and it will show you a list of all the topics on which you have posted.

    1. It's an LA thing. No, wait, it's a New York thing. No, wait, it's, ah, never mind.

      Pretty tasty, anyhow.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. To bring it back to Austin: where can one find this served in town?

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          1. re: renz

            Gene's has waffles and wings. Hopefully others can add to the list

            1. re: renz

              The Starlite Cafe on Colorado has chicken and waffles for brunch on Sundays. It's not on the menu, but it's almost always available for brunch. We dropped in once when it wasn't available, so if that's your #1 goal, be sure to call ahead.

              It was terrific, by the way. I endured the raised eyebrows and sidelong looks of the rest of our party until they tried it. They're all converts now.

              1. re: Gleep

                I had Starlite's chicken and waffles and it was NOT GOOD. The chicken was a drumstick that had more gristle than meat and not even half the meat on the chicken was edible. It was fried so long, it was grey and hard. Never going back.

              2. re: renz

                Tony's Southern Comfort on E. 6th serves chicken & waffles. You get a choice of boneless fried breast or wings. The waffles & chicken are served on one plate.

              3. I just moved here from South Carolina and can assure that this is NOT low-country cuisine!