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Jul 10, 2008 07:55 AM

ORLANDO - Black Bean Deli, Picadillo!

I went to black bean deli for the first time yesterday on my lunch break (usually get o'boys or sometimes ravenous pig) and i have to say, WOW! I had the picadillo (first time ever having the dish) and was blown away with the flavor, it was amazing, the salad dressing was amazing aswell, what kind of dressing is it? Then I washed the meal down with a Havana Cola, made with pure sugercane and key lime, probably one of the best colas I've had.. so I got the picadillo plater (salad,black beans and rice, plantains and picadillo) and a premium soda for around $8.50 including a $1 tip.. cant wait to go back today!


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  1. I'm happy to hear about your positive experience there. I've planned on going there for a while, but found that its closed on the weekends. I had a similarly great experience at Numero Uno Cuban restaurant in SoDo where I enjoyed an expertly prepared dish of Pernol (pork).

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      they are now open on saturdays till 3... saw the sign yesterday

    2. Sounds good, where is it located?



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        In winter park.. if coming from aloma, turn onto 17-92 (north) and a little after chipotle, on the left it is located on the end of a plaza.. i can see it being hard to miss..