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Jul 10, 2008 07:43 AM


There is a new George B. restaurant called Vita in Durham in Erwin Square. Some friends and I decided to give it a try because we had a new coupon from the Indy. The space is beautifully decorated and we were excited about our dinner. The service started fine, but ended on a bad note. Specifically, I sent a drink back to the bar because it was warm and poorly made. I was very polite and asked for a glass of wine instead. When the server apologized, I told him, of course it wasn't his fault. The bartender and the server then talked about us loudly and rudely. Sadly, they must have thought there was a soundproof barrier between the bar and our table because we heard everything they said as our table was only four feet away from them. We could also hear them talk about other tables and each other. After the drink incident, our service really slowed down and we were ignored. The menu held a lot of promise on paper, but on the plate, it wasn't any good. The pizzas were large, but tasted like the sauce was from a can and had very little cheese. Not worth it, even with the coupon. For pizza, I would have been happier at Satisfaction or Pepper's in CH paying full price. An unfortunate experience all around. I could have lived with the food if the server remained as civil as we were to him. Service-F, Food-C+

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  1. Is this in the space that used to be Verde? If so, I'm sorry to see it re-tooled. Verde was quite nice.

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      Like most Giorgio restaurants, you get what you pay for. Sometimes, not even that. I had the pizza at Vita (served by an extremely inattentive and vacant server) and, although I liked the dough, was unimpressed with the sauce and the cheese. Like you, I hated the place, but I was unsure if it was because I have come to expect to hate all restaurants in the "Giorgio Empire."

    2. I was sorry to read these posts. George B at one time had an Italian restaurant in Cary in MacGregor Village across from where Wasabi is now. It was quite remarkable and we were there the day the Dept of Revenue put up the notice that the restaurant was closed. We've always hoped George would work his magic for Italian again. It seems it is not to be. Thanks for warning us off. No need to try this one.

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        I'm sure that it has more to do with execution than it has to do with ingenuity, in Giorgio's case. He can make a few brilliant "concepts," but whether they are executed well or not is another story. I happen to like some of the items that Vita puts out, but across the board, Giorgio's restaurants are disasters. The food is so-so, the service is 9 times out of 10 deplorable and no one cares if you come in and eat or not. If enough people stay away from a Giorgio business due to bad experiences, then it goes out of business and opens up under another name, then continues under its current trajectory. It's sad, but true. Oh well...