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Jul 10, 2008 07:27 AM

Bulk food?

I am making a wedding cake for the second time, and I was wondering if there is somewhere to buy stuff like : butter, icing sugar, flours, In Bulk,
to save some money like at the grocery store.


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  1. As for butter, I always stock up on unsalted when it goes on special at 2.99. I stick it in the freezer so I always have a supply for baking. Loblaws has icing sugar and flower in bulk bags (usually where they have those boxes of spices, and breads and cakes) but I don't know how much you need and how much of a saving it will be... but it is cheaper than the Redpath icing sugar and brand name flours.

    1. Distribution Alimentaire Aubut Inc
      3975 rue Saint-Ambroise
      (514) 933-0939‎

      Mayrand Limitée
      5650 boulevard Métropolitain Est
      (514) 255-9330‎

      Presto Les Entrepôts‎
      5400 Henri Julien
      (514) 279-1408‎

      Club Entrepôt Provigo

      Or you could just look in the yellow pages under groceries wholesale: