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Jul 10, 2008 07:26 AM

Any good dim sum near the border Vancouver area?

We're moving to Bellingham WA and are wondering if there are any good dim sum places on the Canadian side near the border, like White Rock? We've found Bellingham lacking in Asian food and always loved Vancouver, but with the price of gas and traffic something near the border makes it easier to justify going more often :) Actually any recs for any Asian near the border would be appreciated -- good food at reasonable prices much more important than decor. Thanks!

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  1. None that I can recall. Whiterock doesn't have a large Chinese population. With the border lineups the way they are these days, you might as well head straight into Richmond.

    Here's a list (I have not been to any of them):

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      Thanks for that link -- a very helpful guide to all sorts of other restaurants.

      We understand there is some sort of easy-pass available for frequent border-crossers -- do these help much?