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Jul 10, 2008 06:51 AM

Visiting Quebec City

Hi everyone - though I would love to practice my (rusty) French on this board, I think I better stick to English to avoid any misunderstandings.

Simply put, I am planning on visiting Quebec City for the first time next weekend. I've been advised to stay within the old Quebec city to keep close to attractions/sights, etc (any recommendations would be helpful, though I know this is for foodies).

The next thing is great, yet not too expensive, places to eat.

Great places to get picnic lunch stuff and where to eat it.



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  1. Hi there,

    Re: picnic stuff, see related post right here

    Re: places to have picnic, here are 4 recommendations, in order:

    1. Behind Chateau Frontenac, if you walk on the Terrasse Dufferin, pass the US Consulate, you will have to climb a few minutes to get to that great green slope field by Avenue Saint-Denis. If the weather is nice, you see the Old Quebec + Saint Lawrence River + Ile d'Orleans + + +. It is amazing.

    2. Parc Motmorency, where Rue des Remparts merges with Cote de la Montagne, by the Post Office and Seminaire de Quebec.

    3. Anywhere on Rue des Remparts where you can sit on a rampart or a cannon and enjoy the view on Saint Lawrence River.

    4. Behind Chateau Frontenac, Rue Mont-Carmel, dead end street...walk towards the end, you will see. Small, quiet park. Few people actually know about it. I can't remember the name of the park though. Very romantic.

    Re: places to eat, not too expensive but good, inside the walls:

    1. Pub Saint-Alexandre, Rue Saint Jean
    2. Chez Temporel, Rue Couillard
    3. Palet d'Or, Rue Garneau
    4. Avoid Grande Allee
    5. Marche du Vieux Port

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    1. re: gulliver

      I agree with the recommendation of Chez Temporel. I read about it on Chowhound before my first visit to Quebec City and really enjoyed it. I think I had breakfast there every morning.

      I also recommed a wine bar (about which I also learned on Chowhound) called Pape Georges. I really enjoyed it. They did a local cheese platter with which they paired some wines. My wife and I had a great time there. You can read more about it on these boards as I recall several people discussed it.

    2. Where not to eat: La Nouvelle France

      I had the least pleasant meal of my life there during last years festival of the same name. Let's just say that their tourtiere is not the best, along with everything else about the place...