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Jul 10, 2008 06:35 AM

Mid-range 'great find' eateries in Ottawa?

I'm planning a trip to Ottawa. I'm aware of many of the "nicer" restaurants (Domus, Ambiente, Beckta, etc) - but I'm more interested in more casual "niche" eateries - perhaps like A'roma Meze or Kasbah, or street-food, etc.

Does anyone have suggestions for "off the tourism brochure" eateries like this?


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  1. I personally love Aroma Meze - the small plates at lunch are perfect. Great zucchini cakes.

    Also downtown - try Benitz Bistro. Kasbah Village is just ordinary - not bad but not great. In the Byward Market - Sweetgrass has a very good reputation but I've never personally been there. I think the Black Cat cafe is still there but I know it will be moving soon. West of the downtown core, Wellington Gastropub. They all have websites.

    good sources to check out are Ottawa Foodies, Capital Dining and a blog on the Ottawa Citizen website: Omnivore's Ottawa.
    Street-food in Ottawa is poutine. Trucks are everywhere.

    1. Shawarma Palace (464 Rideau Street, Ottawa - (613) 789-9533) for the best shawarma in Ottawa. That's a highly debatable topic. however, don't believe the hype about the shawarma place in the Market, which is a favourite of drunk club-goers.