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Jul 10, 2008 06:29 AM

Petit Pontoise & Petite Perigourdine

Hi there..

Has anyone been to Petit Pontoise lately and if so, do you recall what the prices were like? I've not had much luck on the internet and some fellow diners are budget conscious so I'd like to avoid any surprises. Is there a prixe fixe menu for dinner?

Also - has anyone ever been to Petite Perigourdine? It's apparently on rue des Ecoles in Saint Germain.. it was suggested by the hotel but haven't seen much on it either.

Thank you!

(14 more sleeps until Paris!)

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  1. For Petit Pontoise, the lunch prix-fixe is 15.2E. I believe dinner would be over 30E. The other place is a good wine bar with a rather basic menu; don't expect much foodwise.

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      We went to Petit Pontoise about a year ago, and recall the bill for two people, with wine, was a little over 100E. There is a prix fixe, but it might be around 36-40E/per person.