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Jul 10, 2008 06:12 AM

Dinner Plans in Rome

My husband and I are leaving for Rome next Friday and am dizzy with all the information from this Board, Guide Books and Zagats. I have managed to come up with the following list and would like your suggestions/comments.

Sat. Piperino
Sun. Ambasciata d'Abruzzo (not very many open)
Mon. Matricianella
Tues. Day trip out of Rome
Wed. Agata e Romeo
Thurs. Either Colline Emiliane or L'Alto Mastai - what do you think?
Fri. Antico Arco

We are staying at Il Palazzetto near the Spanish Steps for a week and then in Positano for another week.

We have not been to Rome for 6 years and that was with 3 children. We ate well then but we can now go to a few more sophisticated restaurants.

Thanks in advance for you help and comments. Will report when I return.

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  1. Piperno, OK, very good classic place for the fritti of the Jewish tradition and more
    Ambasciata d'Abruzzo, probably OK, but why? There are plenty of places open Sunday.
    Matricianella, I hated it the one time I went.
    Tuesday, yes, but where will you eat?
    Agata, love
    Colline, love, and l'Altro Mastai, also love, but they are total opposites
    Antico Arco, mostly love but it might pale after L'Altro Mastai and Agata.

    1. I would suggest Osteria Der Belli in Trastevere.