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Should we go to Rae?

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We're taking the train up to NY to see a matinee next month. Unfortunately, we won't be able to stay in town for dinner, but we thought it would be a good opportunity to try Rae since we'll be back at 30th St when we come home.

I looked at the menu online and it looks interesting (and a bit pricy). Is it worth a visit?

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  1. Rae is in disarray right now. They are currently looking for a new general manager so there isn't a single person on the floor each night supervising service and holding staff accountable. I also have heard that Daniel Stern is looking to re-vamp/re-conceptualize the restaurant because it is not performing as expected.

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      That's a shame if it's true. The food has been exceptional whenever I've been there -- the "American sushi sampler" especially.

    2. It depends on what you get. I had the $180 porterhouse for 2 a couple of weeks ago and it was terrible. I'd rather take 5 of any steak from the Capital Grille for $180 than what they served us at Rae. The short ribs at Rae are really good though. I was not a fan of the rabbit nachos but the black truffle pizza was a great appie. I would try it for yourself but order in a way that won't upset you too much if its not good....skip the steaks.

      1. I've been there twice and left unimpressed twice. I would skip it.

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          That's what I'm thinking. This dinner will be for my wife's birthday, so I'd rather go somewhere that we know will be good.

          Now we're thinking of going to Distrito since we'll be somewhat close.

        2. pod and white dog are nearby, though unfortunately white dog is so hit or miss these days...or you could hit up marigold.....

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            We actually decided to go in the total opposite direction and hit Xochitl. My wife has been wanting to go there, and since it's her birthday, she gets to make the choice.

          2. So, the deal on Rae is that the food is almost always great and the service is either awful or spotty. The last time we were there, the food was divine, but it looked like a frat party. We were seated near the rest rooms, where some customers (?) were congregated with their beers for no apparent reason, and the ladies room door was broken so it kept slamming shut. I finally got up and "fixed" the door open (by jamming some paper towels under it), to prevent the shuttering of every person in the dining room every time it slammed. Eventually some person who actually worked there decided this wasn't a good idea (why?). During the same meal - did I mention the food was really, really great? - we attempted to order a bottle of wine, only to have the wrong bottle brought several times (each of the "wrong" bottles was substantially more expensive than the one we ordered, and there was story about why this was so difficult). Our wine showed up eventually. I'm thrilled to hear they're trying to find a new GM. Because we loved going there. I would go. We somehow keep go back there for the food, even with the odd service. And, I should mention that some of the servers have been really terrific, dealing with the otherwise chaotic management (or complete thereof). Be amused - and know that you'll be well fed.