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Jul 10, 2008 05:38 AM

Summerlicious Help Please!

I need help for my Wife's birthday.

I have reservations at the following:

Corner House
Spice room (Yorkville)
Globe Bistro

Thought's please.

I love the choices at the corner house but I do not know the place.

Thanks as always.


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  1. Corner House is nice - several small rooms add to a cozy and possibly romantic atmosphere. I would definitely recommend it as a nice place to go. That said, I have been during Summerlicious and while I enjoyed the meal immensely, the next seating (maybe 7:30?) was definitely running far behind and people were squashed into a narrow hall to wait. Not a great way to start a meal. Can't say this is true of every night, but something to watch for.
    I went to the Spice Room in Hazleton lanes this past Winterlicious and was treated wonderfully as well as fed wonderfully. Now there are very strong views - positive and negative - on this board, so you can decide which way to go on that one. I would happily return, though it felt more like a Winter place being inside the Lanes...
    I haven't been to Epic or Globe, but Globe seems to rank pretty high on many peoples' lists and Summerlicious does offer the opportunity to 'try out' a place without the same commitment as a non-licious day. If the menu appeals, then I might suggest trying it - there's also a patio option there.

    1. i'm sorry, but are you playing reservation roulette??

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      1. re: pinstripeprincess

        Nope. I am just trying to pick the perfect place. I have made reservations with a few friends and they have left it to me to pick first and they will use the others.

        1. re: bjinyyz

          ah! nice friends then.

          i would suggest globe and then also mention what contadino has said... which is simply that it's almost never the same restaurant on summerlicious night vs a regular night.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Yes, I have great friends which is why they are friends! I am always the organizer so I do get some perks.

      2. Splurge for your lovely wife and take her somewhere that isn't doing Summerlicious.
        Let's face it, restaurants never put the best items on the menu....they loose money that way.
        Good luck.

        1. We went to Globe for Winterlicious & it was less than memorable to say the least. The room is pretty, but it was very loud, the food was mediocre and overly salted and the service was efficient, but not friendly. Neither SO or myself has wanted to return to Globe.

          We did have a lovely dins last night at Veritas (1st time visiting). If the room was full, it would have been booming loud, but the food was great (especially great for Summerlicious) and the service was excellent. The wine list is a little bit uninspired, but we had a lovely Barbera for not to much $$. Definitely worth a return visit.

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          1. re: educky

            Went for lunch and had a terrific Summerlicious meal. Loved everything. Yes, the room can get loud, especially if the windows to the patio are open and trucks are going by.

            But was very happy with our cheerful waitress who was attentive and friendly. So I would not say that the Globe is consistently unfriendly.

            1. re: educky

              Funny, I've been to Globe at least half a dozen times and I've never had a bad meal.

              Summerlicious at the Corner House is pretty good. Lots of menu choices (unlike many places), a lovely setting -- try to get a table on the patio -- and they don't scrimp on the portions (I've left many a 'licious meal still hungry). The food: enjoyed apps - gazpacho, mushroom tart) more than the mains. Striploin was a bit overdone for medium rare, and covered in too much "jus" (um... gravy?). Others liked their veggie dish and fish. Dessert - strawberry-rhubarb crumble - was excellent.

            2. I think Biff's is highly under-rated. It's decent Bistro food, good service and handy location (yonge and Front).

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              1. re: Paula from Toronto

                went to spice room for was spectacular.
                went to glove for summerlicious (last nite actually) and was great.
                both restaurants...are beautiful
                both restaurants...have great service
                both restaurants...served great food.
                Thats my two