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Dallas Restaurant Week

Anyone know when the restaurant listings will be announced? Last year restaurant week ran in early August so it seems they would announce soon.

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  1. July 14 on the KRLD website. Many places are already accepting reservations.

    I was beginning to wonder why noone had mentioned it! I've had my reservations made for awhile now.. Bijoux (participating all 3 weeks), Abacus (participating 2 or 3 weeks), Stephan Pyles (participating all 3 weeks), Craft (participating 1st week only), Landmark (participating 1st week only, for now), York Street (participating 1st week only), and Fearings.

    Per my phone calls, the following are not participating: Mansion, Aurora, French Room, Local, Lola, and Charlie Palmer.

    Noone seems to have heard anything about the Preview Week--even Abacus, which really surprised me.

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      seems like i remember one place got good reviews for restaurant week last year but that was about it, and i can't remember what place it was.

      1. re: luniz

        We have generally been very happy with our RW experiences--and there are a lot of them!

        Last year we were thrilled with Bijoux, Abacus, Stephan Pyles, and Craft. Tramontana was just ok. The year before we had great experiences at Abacus and The Mansion. That year, Hector's was good, but not great and our Nobu experience was very bad. I've heard very good things about III Forks and Jasper's for the last 2 years as well.

        Of course, I don't think you can expect that a RW meal at a 4-5 star restaurant will be the same as a normal dining experience there.. there will likely be some flubs. I'm ok with that as long as the places make a good effort. For example, our server at Stephan Pyles was clearly exhausted and joking about a crazy RW, but still had a great attitude. That's all I ask :)

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          The last couple of years, the best best best restaurant for me has been York Street. You get the full menu, not a special restaurant week one.

          That being said, I've called and called and called the past two weeks. I just got voicemail. So, I finally gave up.

          I'm only doing three this year, Bijoux, Salum, and Steel. Steel was just a whatever. I thought it would be interesting to see what they cook up. Haven't been there in years.

          Stay away from Nobu. Awful!

          And Lanny's while very good, gave you no selection. Not even a special menu. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

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            You might call York Street in the early evening .. I have had no problem getting through to them. I actually have a RW reservation there, which I am vastly looking forward to!

      2. How did you find the list of participating restaurants? I've looked on the KRLD site and can't find anything.

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          People tend to make reservations at the restaurants that always participate year to year before the "official list" is published.

        2. Use last year's list (http://www.guidelive.com/feature/180/) and presume everyone is still participating. Also assume that any new, high profile spots will participate, too.

          I promise you that when the list comes out many of the hot restaurants will already be booked for RW.

          1. Also, in years past, certain restaurants (including Abacus and the Mansion) have added a second week.

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              this list is up as of a few minutes ago: http://www.krld.com/pages/2566177.php?

              however, all 3 restaurants that i called re: the preview have no idea what i'm talking about (craft, salum, and central 214).

              1. re: dg1873

                man! add III Forks to the list of restaurants that has not heard of the Preview (despite the fact that the site lists them as participating!)

            2. Maybe it's because RW starts August 11 and not July 14 as stated above? If they just posted the list late this afternoon, there's probably a lot of staff that haven't been properly informed of the details.

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              1. re: BluffViewChound

                Read my post again :) Foodie06 asked when the list of participating restaurants was out, to which I answered July 14.

                Most of the restaurants I'm calling have known they were participating in RW --and which weeks-- since early June. Some have accepted reservations the whole time (even though I'm not sure they're supposed to accept them before July 1). For example, Central 214 knows about it and is doing a lavender mojito special--but has no idea the KRLD website says the prix fixe menu should also be available.

                Several of the ones I've called have contacted *the* person in charge of RW at the restaurant and verified.. so, I think there might be a bigger problem with the Preview week. Of course, some of might be that they are early in the game and haven't been informed... but they've had months to get the word out, so my gut tells me that there are issues with the Preview. Plus, I just discovered today that AmEx has had the list up for at least a few days---a perk to AmEx cardholders to be able to RSVP before the general public.

                Stinks b/c I was looking forward to one more weekend within which to stretch out my eating!!

              2. I have reservations for Perry's, Fearings and Bijoux (all on Saturdays). Perry's is a preview night. The KRLD site was showing Perry's participating the last week, but when I called they said they weren't and they suggested "preview" night.

                I find it strange that Al Biernat's is not participating. Haven't they always been a major player and one of the leaders in extending the dates?

                dg1873, sorry I misread your post. It does boggle the brain that participating restaurants would not be prepared to deal with RW by the time the list is made public. Luckily, all three that I called were on top of it and very helpful.

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                  Tried to make a reservation at Dragon Fly and was told that they won't accept reservations until one week before. The girl on the phone was pretty snotty about it. Given their recent review in the DMN (which I hadn't seen before I called) I don't know if that is the attitude they should take. Ended up with reservations at Bijoux which I think will be a much better choice. Anyone know Bijoux's menu for restaurant week?

                  1. re: foodie06

                    I'd be interested to know the menu at Bijoux, too. We are going there and Fearings. And then vacation a week later. So, no $$ to hit more restaurants, which I would gladly do if I wouldn't have to sacrifice vacation money! I loved Bijoux last year. They were so gracious and the accomodating. The food was absolutely fabulous! This will be my first time to Fearings.

                    It seems stupid not to accept reservations until a week before the event. Many people will just skip them because of that. Maybe that's what they want. I had a similar experience trying to make a reservation at Stephen Pyles for RW last year. The reservationist and manager were quite rude about it. Even going so far as to explain that they were only participating on a limited basis because they had to accomodate their "real" customers. I quickly decided that I would no longer be a customer at all and I haven't been back since that experience.

                    There's a link for the RW list on Guidelive today.

                2. Which menus do you guys think sound delicious? Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House & Kenny's look pretty good to me.

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                  1. re: iluvtennis

                    can't believe some places have menus up already! off to check . . . ..

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                      Central 214 is doing the Preview Weekend--3 course menu + lavendar mojito for $40. They seem to have plenty of spots as of right now. . and their menu looks yummy.

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                        American Express sends out a card to it's cardholders about 2 weeks before the "formal announcement" and if you have an American Express card you are supposed to be able to make reservations early. Last year some of the restaurants were a little baffled by the early reservation option. I can't find my card, but I don't think that the Mansion was on the list on the card. Now, though, if you go to the KRLD list, the Mansion is on it.

                        We have reservations at Craft, Bijoux, Fearings and Hibiscus. We ate at Hibiscus last year for RW and it was great. The other 3 are new for us.

                        1. re: mjtx

                          Hello! I actually work at a restaurant that is participatig in restaurant week. Here's the deal:

                          Restaurant Week Preview is this Friday-Sunday. It is $40, not $35 but does include a 10 Cane Rum cocktail, tbd by the restaurant.

                          Regular Restaurant Week starts on the 11th and can be extended to the 31st. This is the regular $35 menu.

                          I've got my reservations at Stephen Pyles, The Mansion, Kenichi, and Bijoux.

                          I'll be working every other night! Please remember to tip your servers well, they are working hard during RW!!!