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Jul 10, 2008 05:05 AM

affordable veggies in arlington?

i just moved here from san francisco, and it's killing me to pay $5/pound for low-quality veggies at the supermarket. unfortunately, i'm metro-dependent for transportation. where can i get a good variety of fresh produce without a car, and without completely straining my pocketbook?

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  1. Stop going to Giant.

    Go to one of the many farmers markets in the area. Google fresh farm market for all the locations and days/times. There are also some local ones (there's a new one at 14th and U, for example).

    Veggies will be expensive. Why? You aren't in a giant farm area like you are in SF area. And, all food is getting more expensive. Buy locally, buy seasonally, or join washingtons green grocer for a big box of produce for $35 a week.

    1. There is a wonderful farmer's market on Saturday in Courthouse. I get tons of great veggies there, at a fraction of the cost to those I get at Whole Foods. Also, I like going to the produce stands at Eastern Market during this time of year. It's an easy metro ride on the orange line and they have a wide variety of pretty fruits and veggies. Good luck!

      1. I love the farmer's market outside the Courthosue Metro on Saturday mornings. Everything I have ever bought there has been far superior to the grocery store vegetables. Plus they either cost the same or or less than the grocery store produce.