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Jul 10, 2008 04:45 AM

One Night in Seattle (Or Two)

Hello everyone,

I'm an East Coast native coming out to Seattle for my first time this weekend (for a wedding Sunday). I'm looking for a place thats representative of the Pacific Northwest.. definitely 4 of us on Saturday night, perhaps 2 on Friday night as well (Friday could be much more informal). Distance and price aren't a factor.. Im going to guess that getting reservations at great places is going to be what would be an issue.

Anyway, Im sorry the topic is so broad, um.. Im a culinary grad and the rest of us are mild foodies so places with interesting or innovative foods are especially appealing.. Id like to know more about pacific northwest food beyond cedar planked salmon and dungeness crabs, though those are nice too. I guess if someone asked you to name one restaurant when you think Seattle, what would it be?

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      1. re: skisvalley

        Chowhound was created for people to find great food off the tourist path. Given that, Canlis has really uninspired, overpriced food. As mentioned, Matts, Veil or Union are more true Chow-worthy destinations. But Seattle was built and settled by Asians, so I would definitely recommend one meal in the ID district. Made In Kitchen, Seven Stars or Tamarind Tree represent Seattle well to traveling `hounds.

      2. re: Leper

        MIK is now closed. Crawfish King is the new place in this space.

      3. Matt's in the Market for your Friday night dinner and Union for Saturday night.

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        1. re: Lauren

          Sitka and Spruce or Matt's for Friday night and Crush or Veil for Sat night.

        2. For top of the line, Lark or Union. For great neighborhood places, Monsoon or Harvest Vine.

            1. re: Lauren

              Well what, 8 months later -- we went to matts in the market for a lunch, union for a dinner, and most of the rest was just around pikes place (we spent most of our time there). best meal was probably one we made up at the market.. the italian specialties store (sorry forget the name) where we got a little baguette, some fresh mozarella, and a little Salumi hot coppa, found ourselves some little seats somewhere near the donut guy and just tore into it. It was all really amazing. Oh also we went to Bakery Nouveau which is in west seattle I think -- definitely the best pastries and breads Ive had in the country to date.

              I live in Baltimore, so needless to say I think about Seattle pretty often... ;)

              1. re: Turkeybone

                Yes, but I mourn the loss of McNasby's seafood market in Eastport, and miss other Blue Crab spots in B-more.

                "Tweedy impertinence? I like that." - Det. Freamon

                1. re: Turkeybone

                  DeLaurenti's...the most wonderful Italian specialties.
                  I miss that place.