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where are the deli's?

Born and raised in Boston and moved to NY in 1964. When visiting children in Peabody have no idea where to find "good" corned beef, pastrami, etc. deli in the greater Boston area....Help!

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  1. There are a bunch of past threads on this, mostly focusing on the delis in the Brookline area (I like Michaels which has a lot of support here and excellent meats/bread, but do have a few issues with it mostly to do with cleanliness). There are also interesting suggestions for the Newton/Waban area which I have not gotten to that you could reach off of 128 with a bit of effort. However, from Peabody you have moderately easy access to one of the less discussed delis Arthur's in Chelsea (about 15 miles). Take Route 1 south from 128 towards Boston and take the Chelsea exit which says "last exit before toll" (North there are more Chelsea exits and they are different). At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and then turn right on 4th street (two way I believe). The online map looks a bit different than I thought the exit worked, but its at 4th and Arlington. Also near the commuter rail stop. I have a bit of inconsistency with the sandwich makers, but their corned beef is top notch. Haven't made it to the pastrami which I hear is good and other cuts are basic deli variety.

    1. I've tried almost every deli in the metropolitan area, and my vote is for Barry's Village Deli in Waban.

      Barry's Village Deli
      6 Windsor Rd, Waban, MA 02468

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        To prevent any disappointment, you should keep in mind that you cannot compare Boston area delis with NYC delis. There are some decent delis as discussed in past threads.

      2. I tried Arthur's in Chelsea after reading about it on a CH thread. It was as good as any of the NY delis. I can't believe that I've driven by it 100 times over the years and didn't look twice. No need to get any care packages from nY anymore. I live 1 mile from Coolidge Corner and could never believe there weren't any delis comparable to a real one until I read about and tried Arthur's. It's right off the highway down a side street across from a small mall. I can't remember the name of it....

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          It's on Arlington Street in Chelsea, on the other side of the Tobin from downtown Chelsea, across from a Dunkin' Donuts.

          Arthur's and Michael's are the best deli's in Boston by far.

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            Last Sat., I drove over to Arthur's and it was closed. Evidently they're closed on Sat. I'm not sure about Sun.

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              They are closed Sundays and close early on Saturdays (I think about 12:30), but I have been there on a Saturday fairly recently when doing shopping at Market Basket.

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              I work on Arlington street. Arthur's is great (!), but if you are a germophobe or like things really clean then you just have to close your eyes real hard while you're in there. You'll know what I mean when you're in there.


              It is one of those places where you could save money shopping for your deli meats just by getting a sandwich there and then bagging the meat. The capicola & cheese sandwich must weight 2.5 pounds!

          2. You should try Evan's New York Style Deli in Marblehead. I had a hot pastrami there that was fantastic. The owner is extremely friendly and they have knishes, smoked whitefish and all the standard deli fare.


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              Will definitely give Evan's a try. It's very convenient when visiting the kids and grandkids. Thanks for the referral.

            2. You should try Evan's New York Style Deli in Marblehead. I recently tried a pastrami sandwich there and was very pleased. The also have knishes, whitefish and all the standard deli fare you'd expect

              Evan's New York Style Deli
              31 Smith Street, Marblehead, MA

              1. My favorite pastrami is at the unlikely named Sam LaGrassa's on Province St..M-f..lunch only..also great corned beef..no smoked fish or other "appetizing" items.

                Other favorites are Michael's Deli in Coolidge Corner and Barry's in Waban.


                1. Lindy's Deli in Saugus on Rt 1 - in the shopping plaza with the marshalls is pretty good.
                  But the best corn beef and pastramin is Washington St. Deli in Pratville in Chelsea. The only tricky thing is to figure out their hours. They seem to open and close when they want.

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                    i just tried Evan's for a gathering and it was fantastic. I will do a post here later. Everyone LOVED the corned beef. I havent eaten meat in 20 years and I tried some and even loved it!. I asked for the fatty corned beef, and it was very well marbled. You can get it how you want it and noone else seems to have anything but lean. He gets all his stuff from NY, i think Brooklyn. All the meats were well liked, tongue, salami etc. The smoked fish platter was great. Perfect nova lox, excellent white fish salad, and the best sable. My hubby doesnt eat meat anymore either and he ate it too and he said the corned beef was the best he ever had. Everyone raved..

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                      Oh, wow - thank you SO much for the review! I have been dying for GOOD corned beef - pastrami, too, but it's corned beef I crave. Once more, I live nearby, too!!

                      Mmm - corned beef... pastrami.... knishes.. (there goes my pocketbook!)

                      (needed to edit this for one very important question)
                      How is the bread? One thing I hate is getting a sandwich with great deli meat, only to have the squishy bread pale in comparison (that was my experience with my so-so sandwich at Sam LaGrassa's.. it was meh... but I thought the rye bread was awful. Def. not in my category of a real deli.)

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                        Bread seemed fine to me..Nice little egg (challah) rolls, marble rye (seedless, which i like and is harder to find), and some sliced challah. Don't know what bread he has at the store since ours was delivered as a platter. Looking forward to hearing about your enjoyment!