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Jul 10, 2008 12:07 AM

Editing Glitch: new edit reverses previous

I scrolled down to see if this particular problem has been mentioned but didn't see it so am starting a new thread. I assume this problem is related to the other glitchy things that are going on, but I find this particularly annoying...

I posted a response on the Southwest board just moments ago. As I always do, I reread my post immediately and wanted to make some edits. I'm the kind of person who will usually edit my post at least 3 times in a row before I'm satisfied. Each time I made one edit and hit "save", the screen would refresh and save my new edit but then reverse the previous edit I just made. I tried going back and forth on this to see if all edits would hold but sure enough, each time I'd change one segment, it would reverse the other.

This is very strange as I've never experienced this before, but moreso very annoying for me because I rely heavily on the edit option to refine my posts. Am I the only one experiencing this? Any suggestions?

Ok, I just went back to that post to see what would happen if I tried to edit one more time. Once I clicked on "edit", my text came up in the window but it was different from the actual post in that all edits were missing (ie, text reflected my original post). Odd...

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Hmmm...I suppose my problem could be related to what you linked, but I'm not so sure. I wonder what my final post will look like once everything is caught up and updated...As long as it makes sense, it's all good.

      I haven't posted in a while so have been clueless to these problems. Ok, I won't obsess about this anymore and will put my patience hat on...

      ETA: So the investigator in me couldn't leave it alone and went back to the problematic post to see what would happen if I clicked "edit" again. Well, it turns out that this time it automatically scrolled down to the text box and the text was all highlighted in blue. I was able to make all edits, and they were all there after saving. The problematic edits were not highlighted in blue, and I had to manually scroll down. So whenever that glitch happens, I'll know that the edit function is not working properly. Ok, I can finally go to bed... :-)

      1. re: Carb Lover

        Carb Lover - I've noticed this for the past month or so. I usually hit refresh (often more than once!), or get off the CH site entirely and then get back to it. It is a lag. I'm the same way - the minute I hit the Post My Reply button, I think of something else I want to add, and go right back to the post to add it. Often the addition is there, sometimes it isn't. But it will show up.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Unlike other food forums, there is no *preview* function on this board. If we had that here, it would help lessen the need to edit after we post on the open board. I once inquired about that earlier on and was told it was not going to happen.

    2. I usu. have to back out or close before edits or posts show up. it's just poky. my opinion is rarely lost and usually not all that important anyway.

      1. I agree, Carb Lover - this edit bug is very annoying. Especially because the ability to edit has a time-out, so waiting out the lag can backfire. Me, I usually get involved with something else and forget to come back in time.

        Here's my tip: When you're ready to post, copy your text (run your mouse over it to highlight, then use Control-C). When you edit, replace the existing text with your copied version (Control-V). And before you save your edit changes, copy your text again, in case you see another change you want to make.

        It's fussy, but it works when you're too impatient to wait or to navigate away-and-back.