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Jul 9, 2008 10:08 PM

Quick Marigny Suggestions?

Have finally pushed the significant other out of her comfort zone and will be staying at a B&B in the Marigny this weekend.

I have 1 job, 2 mortgages and 3 kids, so does anybody have any suggestions for value food and drink on the cheap there? Suffice it to say that I don't care about pedigree or presentation, only good eats at a reasonable price. Kids will be staying at home...

We are willing to travel some as long as it's close to a streetcar (like Mandina's), but we really want to try places in and around the Marigny. $$$ and higher restaurants will be avoided.

BTW, we leave today!

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  1. Try the bar fare at the Marigny Brasserie (, Mimi's for tapas, Praline Connection( fried chicken), Port of Call on Esplanade (Snug Harbor is "supposed" to be the same but isn't), El Gato Negro on Decator, Central Grocery muff. Do check the Summer menu topic. Many FQ rest. are offering specials, but make sure your choice is valid on the weekend. Thanks for coming and enjoy!

    1. Sukho Thai on Royal. Buffa's on Esplanade. Verti Mart on Royal in the Quarter. Fiorello's on Decatur in the Quarter. Parkway Bakery just off the Canal streetcar line at Jefferson Davis.

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        Didnt someone report recently that Fiorella's is now closed?

      2. go to the cake cafe on the corner of charters and spain (towards the bywater) great lunch and breakfast and most items are under $10. it has nice atmosphere and a really cute $1.00 cupcake special with your meal. also, don't miss the verdi mart for po-boys. it's in the quarter, but pretty close to the marigny just over esplanade on royal. on the same block is my another one of my favorite, benechin, which serves tasty "homestyle" african cuisine. these folks have a great grasp on the art of the plantain. down in the bywater on dauphine and france i think is a little bar called sugarpark that has really great pizza including a shrimp and andouille one thats mighty tasty and if your feeling adventurous i hear the food at the "country club" on louisa and dauphine is really something, but i havn't been there yet to find out.

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          It's Sugarpark Tavern and the pizza is REALLY good (if you're from NY/NJ, don't bother),

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            At Sugarpark, the garlic mayo and fries are excellent also, and the veggie sandwich is popular with my vege friends. Warning: do not attempt to access Sugarpark Tavern on the web at work.

            1. re: uptownlibrarian

              Ya, you right Uptown.....

              That web address for Sugarpark had to be hijacked - nothing about Pizza, just porn....

              DO NOT try it it - I almost guarantee you will get a virus

              I had previously (two days ago) seconded Cake Cafe for a nice breakfast joint, and recommended Mona's on Frenchmen for cheap eats, but it did not post.

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            The Country Club has been getting some buzz on their Sunday brunch. For full disclosure (no pun, really), know that in the rear of the restaurant (but in the same building) is a bar and clothing optional private club pool.

          3. Bacchanal is a wine shop that has guest chefs come cook in their courtyard on Friday and Sunday evenings. They also do wine tastings on Saturday afternoons.

            You might also try the Joint BBQ, recently shown on the FoodNetwork.

            and check out these sites for restaurant lists and contact info:

            also in the French Market, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, 95 French Market Place; good food and a great wine list.

            1. Adolfo's on Frenchmen is very reasonably priced and delicious. I usually get the escargot and one of the cannelloni appetizers, both at about $7, and have more than enough to eat. Mona's (also on Frenchmen) is downright inexpensive and you can bring your own wine. Favorites are the lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves and lula kabob platter.