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Jul 9, 2008 09:42 PM

Great Portland Salads

Perhaps its not very "chowhoundish," but I'm on a diet. But I still want to eat great food. Any recommendations for great Portland salads? I'm looking for the whole meal size. Where's Portland's best cesar salad? Best chef salad? Great more exotic salads? Thanks!

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    1. I just had the most amazing salad at last saturday's farmers market from Tastebuds (the booth on the end that also sells the fab looking pizzas and bagels), it varies depending on whats in season, but mine had the wheat berry salad with spring greens, chickpeas, baby yellow zucchini, sweet snap peas, red cabbage and a creamy tahini dressing. For $5.00 I'd say it's a steal for all the fresh ingredients it has and for an extra $3.00 you can get sliced roasted leg of lamb on top. Or get all the same ingredients stuffed in a fresh whole wheat pita for $6.00.
      I also stopped by St.Honore Boulangerie and saw that they had a nice looking nicoise salad. Not sure if they use a mayo based dressing or not but I'm sure you could get it with oil and vinegar and it would be just as tasty! (Be careful though, you might be tempted by their amazing looking pastries/croissants/quiches etc...)

      1. When I'm on an Atkins diet, I frequently get a medium Caesar (no croutons) at Pizzicato. If you love garlic, this is a tasty one!

        1. Cafe Voila has good salads too- they're downtown by the big block of food carts. My favorites are the chicken pepita salad and the one with smoked trout, apples and horseradish dressing.

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            They do have good salads. I used to frequently get one there when I worked downtown. Tom's First Ave. Bento does some good salads too, and the seafood there is really good and very fresh.