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Cheap eats in Fairfield, CT?

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My parents are helping me move to Fairfield and I want to take them out to dinner, but I am low on funds... any suggestions for a reasonable place for dinner?

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  1. there are several options for reasonably priced meals-what kind of cuisine? How cheap is "cheap"?

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        jfood does not get to FFD all that often but there is a Barcelona in the Hi-Ho off the Merritt. If it has the same menu as the one in SONO you may squeak by at $20-25 on tapas and soda. liquor will blow throw that number.

        and for the next day go down to super duper weenie off exit 24 I-95 for the best hot dogs around.

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          Not sure how nice you were looking to go, but Cafe Quattro (sister restaurant to next door Quattro Pazzi) isn't too expensive (I think salads are around 12-15, pastas $15-18 inclusing salad, also have panini and pizas) but it's a fairly casual setting. While it's a tad pricier than someone else's suggestion of Mama Mina, I think the food is in a whole other league. You can go across the street to Wild Rice which is very good if you want pan-Asian. Bangalore isn't too expensive and is quite good if you're into Indian. I'm sure I can think of more places as well if these don't fit the bill and if there's any particular cuisine you'd like.

      2. Mama Mina's pizza & italian on post rd. Homey, can eat well for $12-15 p.p. and it doesn't have to be hot dogs (not that there's anything wrong with that)