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Jul 9, 2008 09:21 PM

Recs near Ontario Convention Center

Taking the California Bar Exam at the Ontario Convention Center at the end of this month, need recs for chow worthy restaurants near the convention center....dinner only....will have car and willing to travel...come on CH' a young attorney eat three chow worthy dinners after the quiz. Love all types of food and doesnt need to be fancy...favorite spots in Los Angeles are taco trucks in Highland Park/ELA, Langers, Brents, Santouka, Dinos, Original Tops, Lu Din Gee

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  1. north on archibald steer and stein good steak cheap also.across from double tree italian resto archibald and arrow mexican taco place the real deal. foothill blvd thai satay get the garlic green bean shrimp and a big glass of ice water.

    1. If you guys are celebrating, I suggest Caffe Allegro (Upland or La Verne). French and Italian-inspired cuisine...from a chef/owner that's actually from France. The lobster bisque (if available) is superb. The Caesar salad is tossed and made fresh. My husband loved his chicken parm. I had the chiopino...which was awesome. They have a great wine selection, too. If you're going to the Upland location and the weather's good, the outdoor patio is a great place to sit. Prices are really reasonable.

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