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I am looking for a bakery in the LA area which sells cupcakes. It is for my wedding this Dec. I would like to serve small cupcakes for desert. Any suggestions? P.S. they have to taste really good :-)

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      I've gone through extensive tastings of cupcakes all over, and Leda's stands as my favorite. (Although I can't say I'm fond of their red velvet.) They use butter cream instead of icing.

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        Third Leda's

        They are the best.

        Here's Ledette's (she's the owner) site:

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          *** Leda’s Bake Shop has new opening hours.

          After observing recent business trends, baker Ledette is devoting Tues, Wed and Thursdays to catering and pre-orders. You’ll need to place your order the day before and there is a 24 cupcake minimum per flavor, but no minimums on their outstanding cookies, macaroons and delectable scones.

          On Fridays and Saturdays, Leda’s Bake Shop is open for that spontaneous mini-cupcake craving, 10.30am ’till 6pm. 13722 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, just W of Woodman, (818) 386-9644] Go to their website for a full range of their flavors: http://www.ledasbakeshop.com/

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            I'm pretty sure for a wedding, you should place your order more than 24 hours before! I believe they meant that large orders need to be made AT LEAST 24 hours before. I have ordered weeks in advance Heck, if you know the date, go ahead and call Ledette now to set up a tasting.

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              So you can't stop at Leda's for a cupcake on Tues/Weds/Thurs?? Bad omen?

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                Sign of the times and hard economics, maybe. So few people were stopping by those days, it is more cost effective to offer pick us for pre-orders and a few deliveries only on those days. Since more people drop in on Fridays and Saturdays, it's worth it financially to let people in.

                The price of gas, flour, eggs and butter, among other things, has really gone up. Single Store Bakeries have been hit as hard as the rest of us, I bet.

                I drop in when I can and do my best to spread the good word and such. Still, if you are desperate for a cupcake, maybe if you call ahead she can do something those days?

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                  Oh -- good point about the wedding, Diana (d'oh!) OP's original purpose...

          2. I just tried the cupcakes at Susiecakes in Brentwood last weekend and they are incredibly delicious. They're the best I've had in LA, although I haven't had the pleasure of trying Leda's yet.

            1. I plan on going out to Leda's this weekend! Yummy

              1. Yummy cupcakes in Burbank and Santa Monica. Utterly rich and decadent. Love, love, love their red velvet.
                Cupcakes & Co in Burbank. Their strawberry cupcake is to die for! Their cupcakes are on the lighter side.
                Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. If Oprah liked them...they can't be bad, right? I'm a fan on the red velvet.

                1. my favorites are auntie em's cupcakes. they cater weddings as well. they have great mini cupcakes. my favorite is the coconut but they are known for their red velvet. the chocolate one is really great as well. not sure if eagle rock is too far from the la area...

                  1. I was going to say Crumbs until you said small cupcakes.

                    Mrs. Beasley's (on Beverly Dr. south of Wilshire) has some really good cupcake "poppers."

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                      Crumbs just opened on Larchmont as well, next to Picket Fences, up from beauty supply. The custard inside the Boston Creme cupcake was too heavy and glutenous, IMO.

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                        Tried Larchmont Crumbs' Boston just tonight. I thought the thickness of the custard helped overcome the horrible dryness I've found in the cake of other Crumbs offerings. If I'm going to spend that much on boutique cupcakes -- and I wish it were otherwise, since I'd love to have a place in walking distance -- my dollar would be better spent at Sprinkles. Or indeed at the grocery store, making cupcakes my own self.

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                          i went to the larchmont crumbs as well and thought the cupcake was really bad. extremely dry flavorless chocolate cake, and the buttercream frosting was all sugar, with a waxy texture. such a bummer.

                    2. Crumbs in Beverly Hills is the best! They have unique flavors and are great.

                      Haven't tried Ledas...but I think I will have to!

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                        Oh my!! I think I am in heaven :-) Thanks guys!!!

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                          Trust me, Leda' s over Crumbs, any day of the year.

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                            Have you been to Crumbs, Diana? And has anyone been to the new cupcake place on Ventura across from La Loggia? They seem to have odd hours and are never open when I drive past.

                            I personally like Vanilla Bake Shop the best. Great flavors and the mini ones are adorable.

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                              OF course. How else could I allow myself to say the above if I hadn't been.

                              Coincidentally, "crumbs" is what my English parents and grandparents used to say as an "acceptable swear".

                              After eating at Crumbs, I can see the connection.

                              I have yet to find a place that makes me as happy as Leda's

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                                Vanilla Bake shop has a *small* chocolate (raspberry filled) cupcake topped high with a high quality chocolate ganache frosting, then topped with a fresh raspberry. Absolutely beautiful, and the best cupcake I've tasted.

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                                  Opposite La Loggia? Do you mean My Little Cupcake? I must say I had a ghastly one-time experience with their overly sweet and simply revolting fare. Have not returned.

                                  Or is there another, newer place?

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                                    Yes, that's the place. Thanks for the heads up, I'll avoid them next time I'm in the area.

                                  2. re: hdalsy

                                    We did a same day, same type taste-test between Vanilla and Yummy, and both my wife and I agreed that NEITHER place was worth it.

                                    Flavors were unimpressive, and we both felt like there was a lack of premium ingredients being used. I will say Vanilla's cupcakes were more visually appealing, but at the end of the day I am all about taste ... and neither place was a winner in that category.

                                    On a more general note, I am not at all impressed with the quality of cupcakes in LA. There's always something keeping places from achieving great quality -- substandard ingredients, poor frosting-to-cake ratio, too dry, frosting too sweet/not sweet enough, etc.

                                    I will caveat all of this by saying that my amazing wife makes some, as she calls them, "Very Vanilla" cupcakes that are so perfectly delicious that one person at work told a friend (and this ended up getting back to me), "that might have been the single greatest thing I have ever put in my mouth" ... so I realize I am definitely spoiled when it comes to cupcakes.

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                                      As long as we are discussing cupcakes in the immediate area...

                                      Like I said in my other post in this thread, Vanilla is so-so, not worth the price/calories. Interestingly enough, in a review elsewhere, someone claimed that when they bought a cupcake there, upon eating it they discovered it was frozen inside! Eww...

                                      I tried a couple of cupcakes from Yummy, and while I think some of the flavors/concept is interesting, they are way too sugary, and the cake seems to be somewhat dry.

                                      I'll probably kick myself for mentioning this since they seem to be pretty popular already, but I had the most AMAZING raspberry-chocolate cupcake last week at Real Food Daily. It was practically perfect - proper size, very moist cake, right amount of frosting, not very sweet, clean flavors...sooo good. Much better than most non-vegan counterparts I've had.

                                      Only cons though is that they seem to go pretty fast during the day, they only have one flavor at a time, and they don't transport well (I was trying to bring one from Santa Monica to Porter Ranch, and the frosting started to melt, so I had to eat it in the car. oh well, still great anyway)

                            2. Sprinkles has some great cupcakes, but be warned that not all the flavors are so good. Be worth going and doing a tasting.

                              1. I really don't like a single cupcake at these cupcake stores. Two bites and I'm done. 4 bites and I'm sick. Best cupcakes by far IMO are from Clementine. Most of their baked goods are incredible, and their cupcakes are not made assembly line style. Bet they'd do a big order with enough advance notice. Everything here seriously made with LOVE.

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                                  I have to disagree on Clementine's. I like Clementine's for a lot of things (soup, grilled cheese month, home-made yogurt, limeade), but based on older posts about cupcakes, I ordered cupcakes ahead of time and did a complete (read: indulgent) taste testing at Clementine's and found that if it looks like it's out of this world, it is made with ingredients that are out of this world too - like vegetable shortening. In the frosting. Raw vegetable shortening does not taste good, no matter how much sugar or chocolate you add. What it does is add a luxurious, mouth-watering sheen, (appealing to the eyes) but that sheen just rubs off in your mouth and coats your palate with what feels like greasy wax. Ick.

                                  I think Sprinkes, for all the hype and cutsey marketing it does, actually gets one thing right - freshness. That they have a line out the door helps their product a lot because a small cake with nothing to protect it from drying out except a paper wrapper and (easy-to-dry-out) frosting isn't going to taste good if its even 3 hours old.

                                  Yummy cupcakes had a good thing going.

                                  Vanilla Bakeshop cupcakes are small and cute and come in interesting flavors. I don't like their frosting as much as some others but the cake part is good.

                                  Crumbs in NY is better than LA, or maybe this is just nostagia speaking. Plus, they don't do mini as was said before, so this isn't your best bet.

                                  Joan's on Third knock-off chocolate cupcakes with the cream filling are pretty good. I won't lie - I've definately stopped there in moments of extreme chocolate craving. I have not tried the marshmallow cream tower cupcakes they've got going on, but the others (maple, cinnamon, strawberry, vanilla) tend to be a bit dried out. Like I said, fresh is best. Joan's does a lot of catering so they probably have mini.

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                                    Interesting comments on Clementine. Just to be clear, I don't know the first thing about baking technique or ingredients. However, I think I have exactly the opposite reaction to Clementine. I get a more "real" vibe from their cupcakes. The cake tastes cakier (and gets stale faster, which I sense must be a good thing), and the icing is not as sickly sweet. BTW, it's the coconut cupcake that I particularly adore.

                                  2. re: la tache burger

                                    Have you tried the Susiecakes cupcakes, la tache? I really love Clementine's baked goods, but the cupcakes at Susiecakes are so moist and delicious (In the past week alone I've had Clementine's, Susiecakes' and Sprinkles' -- I clearly have a problem...). I think for a combination of appearance and taste, Vanilla wins out. But on taste alone, my vote goes to Susiecakes. I like the wide variety of flavors available at Crumbs, but to me, the frosting has a very overwhelming shortening mouthfeel and most of the cakes (with the exception of carrot and apple cinnamon) are too dry. They're also not very pretty.


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                                      I do like Susiecakes. I think of all the "cupcake places" they're pretty much the best. Although on the right day I love Sprinkles (on the wrong day I hate it, and it's me who's changing, not them) Cupcakes are weird. I think I love the ones at Clementine because I eat it as a dessert after a good meal, and usually split it with my wife. While at the cupcake joints, I've usually purchased a dozen and can't help "tasting" everything. So, there.

                                      1. re: la tache burger

                                        Haha! That's the exact problem I have with the standalone cupcake shops. I have to wait to go until I've had a good meal elsewhere or I'll end up exhausting my sweet tooth and feeling a little sick. I actually had a very good (and fresh) chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles yesterday but more often than not, I find them too dry and tooth achingly sweet.

                                  3. Joan's on Third. Not too big, not too small and classic taste. Joan's was making fabulous cupcakes long before cupcakes were cool.

                                    Joan's On Third
                                    8436 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                                    1. This might be a bit out of your way but Babycakes Cupcakes in Torrance will surely fit the bill. Their cakes are on the smallish side which just might be what you are looking for. The cakes are always fresh and not cloyingly sweet. The owners are very accommodating and will work with whatever ideas you have. I used them for my mom's 60th birthday and there wasn't a cupcake left after the party.


                                      Best wishes to you and your hubby :)

                                      1. Vanilla in Santa Monica has probably the most beautiful mini cupcakes I've seen. They taste pretty good although they are not my favorite tastewise.

                                        1. Lark Cake Shop in Silver Lake is wonderful and beautiful. But I highly recommend freelance baker David Ferguson. He's making the most amazzzzing peanut butter brownies for Tomato Pie.

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                                            Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank does it for me....Leda's seem too "heavy".

                                          2. Curiosity got the best of me, and I went to Sprinkles yesterday (Beverly Hills) I had avoided them for some time because they seemed so over-hyped (like the Pinkberry of cupcakes). However, I saw that they had a Chai Latte cupcake and since I love almost all things Chai Latte, I went.

                                            Was there at 4pm, and there was a line - think it took around 15-20 minutes to get in. I got the aforementioned Chai Latte Cupcake, and a Cinnamon Sugar one (wanted Pumpkin or Ginger Lemon, but they were out) The Chai Latte was pretty good; however, the Cinnamon one reminded me of a donut. Weird - cupcake donuts, anyone?

                                            Some observations on the other places mentioned (that I've tried):

                                            Auntie Em's - still an hand's down favorite, the carrot cake is practically perfection.

                                            Leda's - kinda love/hate it. New hours make it difficult to visit. Pricey for the size, and I find the frosting to be somewhat oily. However, I think the standout oddly enough is the Vegan Velvet - hard to find an organic red velvet, so props to them.

                                            Crumb's - I've never been, but from what I've seen of the pictures of their cupcakes, some of them look like Costco muffins. (yeah, really)

                                            Vanilla Bake Shop - so-so, not really worth the price

                                            Clementine - Was pretty good (yellow cake with chocolate frosting) but I thought the frosting was kind of thin (and seemed to melt easily)

                                            I didn't see these mentioned, but they sell (well, I think they still do) these cupcakes at the Tea Garden (don't remember who makes them though) that are really good (would probably be good for a wedding actually) I've tried the Lavender Vanilla and Green Tea flavors, both quite good.

                                            1. I haven't tried Leda's yet, but so far my favorite cupcake is from Heirloom Bakery in South Pasadena. They don't have a milion flavors, so I've only tried their Hostess cupcake and their red velvet. Their Hostess cupcake is decorated just like the original Hostess CupCake, but theirs have a chocolate cream inside instead. It was too sweet for me, but the quality was very good. I absolutely love their red velvet -- moist, rich, with just the right texture (not too dense), not too sweet, and their frosting tastes like a blend of buttercream and cream cheese, which also wasn't too sweet. It's even topped off beautifully with a single rose petal -- it's a very sophisticated cupcake in look and flavor. And there wasn't any cupcake paper to peel off either! You can just dig right in. I think they also have coconut and carrot cake cupcakes which I have yet to try. The size of their cupcakes are pretty big which I like, but since you need it for a wedding, you may want to do a special order of mini-cupcakes and see if they can accommodate your request.

                                              I really like the chocolate cupcakes from Dots in Pasadena, I thought the flavor was pretty amazing. Their cupcakes are overall not too sweet, which is important to me not to be overwhelmed by sugar.

                                              1. i like sprinkles a lot.

                                                1. Had a cupcake / champagne reception a few years ago and they favs seemed to Dots and Sprinkles. The worst were Hansen's on Fairfax. Everyone thought they seemed to dry.

                                                  1. Auntie Em's in are delicious. I actually heard about their cupcakes on The Food Network. I drove from over there the following day. The red velvet cupcake just melts in your mouth. Cupcakery in Long Beach has really good cupcakes as well. My favorite is Chocolate on chocolate.

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                                                      like frosted cupcakery in long beach, babycakes in torrance is good also.