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Jul 9, 2008 09:01 PM

Restaurants near Busch Stadium

Hi all. I am visiting St. Louis next month and am staying at the <illenium hotel near Busch Stadium. Are there any unique restaurants in the vicinity? I am not looking to break the bank but any steakhouses, American fare, seafood, pizza joints or quality pub fare recommendations would be apprecited. Also, is the restaurant at the hotel decent. Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Well the restaurant at the top of the hotel has an atmosphere that can NOT be beat. I don't know about the food though.

    I'm assuming you'll have a car? If not, you are more limited at that location in terms of restaurants unless you care to walk a while or take a cab.

    If you have a car, I think Syberg's is fun (across from Union station) for pub food- wings, shark bites, st. louis style pizza. A little further west, you'll find the Scottish Arms which has "traditional" Scottish pub fare. I really enjoyed our meal there last fall.

    There's a decent steak house on Laclede's Landing. Jake's Steaks has a fun atmosphere. Good solid food and good service. We've enjoyed our meals there. It's not the finest steakhouse in the city but it's good and the prices are more moderate.

    St. Louis isn't known for its seafood considering our proximity to the coasts but there's a solid chain at Union Station. Landry's has been there for a while and hasn't gone anywhere, so I'm guessing they do what they do adequately.

    You'll pay more downtown than in other parts of the city so if you have access to a car, re-post and we can give you some other ideas.

    1. My strong recommendation for convenience and fine pub fare is Anthony's Bar, located on the ground floor of a big office building at 10 S. Broadway, almost caddy-corner from the new Busch Stadium. It is run by (and adjacent to) the same family that owns Tony's, which has been the toprated expensive formal dining restaurant in St. Louis for generations. Excellent burgers, sandwiches, etc.

      Just so you know, just south and east from the stadium is the Soulard area, with a huge market, some excellent restaurants (Niche, Sidney Street), and the A-B Brewery with its interesting free tours. To the north of the Arch and the football stadium is Washington Blvd. which is a regentrified area (think former factories and warehouses once abandoned and now converted into lofts) with a number of bar and restaurant options. In between, along the riverfront, is the Landing and the casino boats -- lots of entertainment, music, etc. Note: both Soulard and Washington are a bit too far to comfortably walk, especially after dark. You can obtain further restaurant information online not only by scrolling down this board or searching for StL listings, but also on the Post-Dispatch website ( and the area's restaurant tabloid ( Be sure that somehow, some way, you get to Ted Drewe's.