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Jul 9, 2008 08:39 PM

Looking for a new place on the Westside

Am taking some out-of-town guests to dinner next week, want to show them a nice time. They come to LA frequently so am hoping to take them to a fairly new place. Price not an object, open to most cuisines. One thought is Anisette, another is Wolfgang's but have heard uneven things about both.

Any suggestions appreciated !

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  1. both of these are great options; another place to consider if they haven't yet been is Wilshire, and try and get the patio!

    1. I liked Anisette although I haven't been for dinner. The decor/ambiance is pretty nice.
      I think it would help to know where your guests are coming from, and what they expect in "LA"

      Also pretty new is BLT steak, which I heard is pretty good - haven't been myself.
      When was the last time they were here? Was it before Osteria Mozza, cos if so that may be another 'new' option (though not exactly Westside)?


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        BLT Steak sounds interesting, thanks. Guests are from SF, so they're pretty savvy foodies. They're fond of unusual ethnic restaurants, last time I took them to Sherazad in Westwood, which was good.

        Am thinking along the lines of Akasha, but I was there for lunch recently and thought it was good-not-great. Dinner might be a different experience though.

        I've been to Mozza, loved 2 of the pizzas, was thinking something a little more upscale, but also a little closer to the Santa Monica hotel they'll be staying at.

        Keep 'em coming!

        1. re: Iceman

          What about La Botte? I know it's not new, but the food is quite good and I feel as though it's something you might not find in SF. They do ethnic so much better than we do, so I think it would be hard to impress someone from SF with our ethnic offerings.

          1. re: Iceman

            Ethnic in Westwood .... how about Koutoubia? It's not new but it's a fun place, good food, belly dancers etc ...

            for upscale good food I second Melisse in Santa Monica also (although personally I'll take Urasawa over Melisse any day!)

        2. If price is really not an object --and you can get in-- Urasawa is unforgettable.

          1. I have been to Annisette twice now (for breakfast and dinner) and really enjoyed it both times which is pretty impressive since I dined there in their first couple weeks of opening. The food was spot on although the service was a little choppy which is to be expected early on.
            Another idea is Melisse where I have enjoyed the best meals of my life. Josiah Citrin is an amazing chef & his special chefs menu is spectacular.