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Jul 9, 2008 08:17 PM

Nonna Ristorante Newark DE

What a find! One of the managers at the Hilton in Newark DE suggested this place and I took a shot. What a surprise! Wine Spectator award winner and not standard Italian. Things like wild boar and excellent pastas. I had an arugula salad with prosciutto and gorgonzola and a wonderful veal dish of scallopini with crimini and hot roasted peppers. A gruner to start and a nice Italian tinged blend that had cab, cab franc and sangiovese called Lady in Red.
Worth a drive.

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  1. I ate once at this place about 5-6 years ago. I agree the food was good, but I was completely horrified when they charged me $45 for a veal chop--it was on the "specials" menu, and my stupidity for not asking the price in advance, but for God's sake, this restaurant is in a strip mall in Newark, Delaware! They also charged something like $8 for a side plate of sauteed broccoli rabe. Please.