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Jul 9, 2008 08:01 PM

Recommendation in Chiang Mai


We are going to be in Chiang Mai in a bit.

Apart from the night market, does anyone have any good recommendations, especially for Northern Thai food.



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  1. Dave
    This is what I enjoyed from a Chiang Mai trip last year :

    I think Aroon Rai is a must . I had heard mixed reports about the place but I thought their Northern Cuisine was fine , especially the Sai Oua , which I thought was the best I had tasted . One problem was two menus and there was more local items on the Thai Language one than the English one .

    Its probably passe to say it , but I really enjoyed Just Khao Soy . Yes its probably the most expensive Khao Soy in C.M. , but it was tasty and the whole artists pallete presentation was fun .

    Palaat Tawanron's food was fine , plus situated at the bottom of Doi Suthep , with views of C.M. , and a waterfall running past the restaurant , was a nice setting for a meal .

    Riverside's food and music was a good night out .

    I really enjoyed Art Cafe's breakfasts which was thankfully smoke free , and bizarrely the Mexican Breakfasts were great !

    The sprawling Sunday Night Market is a must , for snacking while shopping.

    Galare Food Centre beside the Night Bazaar had the usual food centre stuff and was okay .

    And it was Mike's Burgers for my late night "farang" food fixes .

    Try picking up a new monthly magazine 'Chiang Mai 101' for more recommendations when there .

    Hope that helps , and please let us know how you get on .

    Best Regards

    1. Just got back a few weeks ago. You're in for some great eating!

      The night market is not a great place to find good food, but if you're after some temple bells, bootleg DVDs, t-shirts, etc, it's worth a look.

      The Sunday walking market has a dizzying array of food - if you are there on a Sunday, don't miss it.

      The Khao Soi at Samerjai was a higlight for me - ask any tuk-tuk driver, and they can take you there. I didn't make it to Lamduan, but it is also a local favorite for this dish.

      The best food we ate came from various street vendors located througout the city. A favorite was a couple of hundred feet down the road from the Rimping Supermarket (chang-pheak road I think) You'll see their BBQ on the road, with great hunks of pork, chickens, and sausages. You pick a piece of meat, a couple of bags of sticky rice, and the nice lady behind the counter makes some som tum in her great wooden mortar. My kids devoured this stuff at every opportunity!

      There are also a few local markets in this area (across the river from the night market, along Chiang Mai-Lamphun road) that are filled with food stalls in addition to the produce, meat, and dry goods.

      Also on that road, next to the Rimping Village hotel was a place called the Rain Tree (I think) that was very inexpensive. The crispy pork with garlic fried rice was super, as was a ground pork curry/fried egg rice plate.

      Good luck

      1. Hi -- If you have the time, try a Northern Thai food cooking class. We really liked the Northern Thai cooking course at Sompet Thai Cookery School ( . We learned how to cook it and how to eat it.

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        1. re: whinendine

          Our best meal was at Antique house.
          Beautifully presented food, at moderate prices.
          The best fish dish of our trip. It was a stuffed rolled fish cut in perfect circles, crispy on the outside, and melt in the mouth.
          Slightly more expensive, House.
          Delicious giant prawns served on a bed of black rice noodles.
          The dessert was perfect, and we are not big dessert eaters.
          Two pots of creme brulle
          One flamed, and the other covered with a fresh raspberry puree.
          We really enjoyed the Northern food at Huen Pen
          And Riverside...
          We hesitated to go there, as we were told that it was touristy.
          Excellent meal, beautiful restaurant and a lovely view of the lake.
          You need to ask for a Lakeside table.
          Don't forget the indoor Night Market.
          We do not eat street food, but this place is clean, and we had a great time eating oysters and Jumbo prawns, etc.

          1. re: whinendine

            fyi.. Just heard that the school is going through some reorganization, so I don't know if it is the same as when we went.