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Jul 9, 2008 07:58 PM

Dinner After the LA Winefest

A group of us are going to the LA WineFest at the Raleigh Studios (5300 Melrose in Hollywood) this Saturday and are looking for someplace to have dinner afterwards- hopefully within walking distance since we will all probably be too sloshed to drive. My husband would rather not do Italian- anything in the $50 per person or less category would do. (Also, we'll probably be casually dressed) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. If you don't want Italian, that cuts out La Buca. Lucy's El Adobe is about the only other place within L.A. standards of walking distance. Is Larchmont Grill still there? Lou on Vine isn't far but you'll probably be full of wine. If you want to walk a bit farther or drive a short distance, there's plenty of places on Larchmont to choose from.

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      Also Pueblo Viejo and Mario's Peruvian in that same corridor as Larchmont Grill.
      The most northerly restaurant on Larchmont is Prado which is below Beverly, which might be quite a walk.

    2. I think we'd be able to walk about a mile. I couldn't find any reviews for Larchmont Grill but did visit the website. Any comments on their food?

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        If you want to try something very low key Antequera Oaxaquena is on Melrose & Wilton. It's a hole in the wall that has pretty tasty regional mexi. Otherwise (as some have mentioned) Lucy's or Tere's, La Buca, Xiomara, Larchmont (Prado, Girasole, Le Petit Greek, Chan Dara)

      2. I'm going to Comma Ca...planning on drinking just enough so that the bus (route 10) sounds like a good idea.

        I have developed a massive tarte flambe deficiency since 2006 (when I was last in Alsace).