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Jul 6, 2008 07:39 AM

Extreme BBQ

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Now for the rest of the story................

I pulled out of sonic, traveling North...took two bites of the Coney Dog & smashed it back in the bag disgusted.....about a mile up the road I see a small BBQ place called EXTREME BBQ....I immediately hook a sharp right into their parking lot & start to smell a wonderful aroma of smoke BBQ. I threw out the Sonic crap & went inside & to my joy & happiness discovered a home style BBQ joint with a wonderful menu. I order a succulent PULLED PORK sandwich topped with cold slaw & home made BBQ sauce, & French fries to die for. I was also told they are opening another bigger place 100 pp in the old Friendlys Bar & grill in Bayville also not far up the road on rt my day turned out great as I drove home eating this excellent sandwich. I will be back for sure!!!

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  1. Tapas - Thanks for the review of Extreme BBQ. I've always wanted to try it. I'll now definitely add it to my list.

    1. Now THAT was a wise choice, indeed. Love Extreme BBQ. And it's 3 minutes from my house to boot.


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      1. re: johnandlisa

        Is this restuarant just past the Shark Fin Inn on Rt 9North?

      2. I ju,st looked on their website. Has anyone been in the Forked River location? It says mostly takeout but they have a few seats. We're on LBI on the weekends and would drive out there but it's just too far to go for takeout, especially on a Saturday night. Is it tiny inside with just one table or so? I wonder if there is anyplace around the area where we could picnic at a table with out BBQ that would make it worth the ride?

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        1. re: mschow

          As I mentioned above, Lisa and I really do live about 3 minutes from Extreme BBQ. It is on RT 9 North after you pass Shark Fin Inn. It's a round building, so it's easy to spot (along with the big smoker in front...kind of a dead giveaway there). It is on the small side; there are a few tables and a small counter area with a few stools.

          As far as a picnic area, you have options. One of them is kind of a 'secret' park. The intersection between Shark Fin and Extreme BBQ is Route 9 and Beach Blvd. If you go down Beach Blvd and just keep following it, you will eventually come to a small park on your left (there's a house with a manatee mailbox right before it). The park has a few picnic tables, a gazebo, a play area...and a beautiful view of Barnegat Bay. The drive is not even 10 minutes from Route 9.

          You could also go up Rt 9, make the left at Lacey Rd, then a right onto Manchester, then on the left will be Gille Park, which is very big with lots of picnic tables. That's about a 10 minute drive.

          Hope that helps.


          1. re: mschow


            I've been to the forked river location its very small with about 3 or 4 tables & a small counter area with stools.....there are some nice parks & a nice lake area with beaches too right off lacey rd too.....

            The Much Bigger restaurant location is not that far North of there on Rt9 in Bayville also with a bar & many booths & tables....have Fun.