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Jul 9, 2008 07:18 PM

Restaurants with no corkage in Napa

Found this link that lists restaurants with no corkage in Napa.

They mention

- Bleaux Magnolia
- Compadres Rio Grill
- Downtown Joe’s (first bottle)
- Foothill Café
- Locos Tex-Mex Grill
- Zinsvalley (two “corkage waived” bottles)
- Rutherford Grill
- Vercelli
- Pizzeria Tra Vigne
- Cucina Italiana
- Ubuntu (Monday night only)
- Fumé Bistro (Tuesday night only)
- Market (Tuesday night only)
- Cuvée (Wednesday night only)
- Napa Valley Grille (no corkage for Napa and Sonoma wines)
- Uva Trattoria (any wine bought at a downtown tasting room)

They also mention a few restaurants that will waive corkage for regulars or locals. They mention that Taylor’s Refresher in Napa only charges $1.

Anything they missed? Any other super-low corkage fees like at Taylor's?

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  1. Angele waives 1 corkage ($20) for every wine bought off their list (which is only priced at around 70% over retail, anyway). The food there *could* be so good. You can tell that they have the right idea; the excecution of too many of the dishes, though, is just a bit off.

    1. Julia's Kitchen waives corkage on the first bottle for Copia members, after which corkage is waived equal to every bottle purchased.

      1. Cole's and Celadon will waive a corkage if you buy a bottle from them.

        I was charged $10 at Downtown Joes...though it has been a few years since I've been there for anything other than root beer.