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Jul 9, 2008 06:41 PM

Figs in Phx?

It's that time of year again folks...I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on some but haven't found any yet.

Anyone seen any around town yet this year??

Can't wait to bite into the first one of the year.....

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  1. I saw some at the Sprouts on 28th/Indian School last week but they looked a little sorry. Costco has had them in the past but haven't seem them yet there.

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    1. re: sunshineinaz

      Yes, I've been checking Costco since they usually get htem in every year...nice ones too. None yet this year though.

      Didn't see any at Sprouts this afternoon but will have to go back over across the street and look harder.

      I really need to plant a tree....

      1. re: ziggylu

        Have you tried the Caramelized Red Onion & Fig Tapenade at The Olive Mill? It might satisfy your craving for the time being.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. If you can find them, Phx is the origin of the famous black sphinx dates. They are grown in the Arcadia neighborhood and are pretty hard to get. This link has a contact for a woman named Erica who harvests them. I'm not a date enthusiast, but the black sphinx date is incredible food.

        1. I don’t know about real figs but Roka Akor has some delicious fig infused Shochu.

          1. Whole Foods at 101 and Ray had a few baskets last week. A little expensive, but they were good, and the first I've seen. You might try calling one near you to see when there'll be more.

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            1. re: bortukan

              THanks...I can walk to that one so I'll check this afternoon. I never go in there and actually forget it's there even though it's one of my neighbors.

              Hoping to find some for and for a dinner party I"m having tomorrow.