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Jul 9, 2008 06:14 PM

(Other) Thai in Elmhurst/Minangasli

I was having dinner at Minangasli and stuffed myself to the gills with the jackfruit curry and the assam fish. Jackfruit curry was all right - it tasted more like a Malaysian-style curry than Padang-style, but the assam fish was delicious and reminded me somewhat of Singaporean style fish-head curry.

We walked around the neighborhood after dinner and saw two other Thai places. Boon Chu (83-18 Broadway) looked like a smaller version of Rice Avenue in Jackson Heights; it was tiny and chic. My Thai (83-47 Dongan Ave) is bigger than Nusara and Chao Thai, and has that faux-wooden interior common to a lot of Malaysian restaurants. The signs are in Mandarin so I am wondering if the owners are Chinese.

Have anyone checked out these two places yet? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I tried Boon Chu over a year ago. I don't recall what I ate, so that's telling...I remember an article which mentioned that they served a good sour sausage, but I couldn't find that on the menu.

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      I wonder if it's the "Original Thai Style Sausage" that's on the menu.