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Jul 9, 2008 05:47 PM

Good bagels in Queens?

I know there MUST be a thread about this already, but I cannot find it.

Does anyone know where to get good bagels in Queens (specifically Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Glendale, Bayside, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Bellerose areas)? Will travel for a good bagel. I have company coming from out of town who are craving bagels. (Please don't say Bagel Oasis along the LIE--disappointing, IMO).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. In FoHi, Gotta Getta Bagel on Continental. Toward Rego Park, Knish Nosh, toward Kew Gardens, Hot Bialys. All have good bagels. Perhaps not superlative, but good.

    Gotta Getta Bagel Neighborhood: Queens/Forest Hills 10709 71st Ave Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 793-1640

    Knish Nosh 100-30 Queens Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 897-5554

    Hot Bialys, 116-63 Queens Boulevard (at 78th Avenue) (Near Union Turnpike, E/F subways, and Queens County Courthouse) Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718-544-0900

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    1. re: corgi

      Run, don't walk, to Hot Bialys. I've never had the bagels at Knish Nosh--honestly, I didn't even know they had bagels--but Hot Bialys is definitely superior to Gotta Getta Bagel.

      1. re: masterofzen

        Absolutely. Hot Bialys has ruined me for any other bagel place. They are the best. Forget any other places in Forest Hills.

    2. In Queens there's Utopia Bagels (Utopia Pkwy/19th Ave) and then there's the rest of them; end of argument.

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      1. re: byrd

        Bagellette, in Rego Park....on 63rd (Dr? Rd?) across the street and a block past the Sears mall.

        1. re: EricMM

          way above average bagel, still not in the same class as Utopia.

          Here's an old Queens bagel thread from a year amd a half ago:

        2. re: byrd

          I totally agree on Utopia Bagels. I used to shop at Annamarie's Bagels on Franny Lew - but they closed. I could not find any good bagel stores in the near by neighborhoods. I was so sad. Then someone informed me of Uptopia Bagels. I almost kissed their feet - I am hooked

          1. re: charliebluesun

            Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.