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North End, Ristorante Fiore

Looking for a good restaurant to take some business associates to. There coming in from Washington and interested in the North End. Will be going for dinner on a week night. A friend suggested Ristorante Fiore...she is not really a food person...so not sure. What do you think??

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  1. Il Panino Trattoria is always a good bet and a good "North End" experience

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      Sorry, can't recommend Trattoria il Panino. Food's OK but there's lots better in the North End, and their "we-don't-serve-tap-water" shtick coupled with aggressive waiters trying to push bottled water or another beverage for cost is extremely off-putting. One can do lots better.

      Fiore's food is decidedly nothing to write home about, but they'll at least serve you tap water on request. By far the best thing about the place is its rooftop deck, open only at dinnertime.

    2. I think Fiore is pretty awful to be honest...I would recommend Taranta, which is Peruvian & Italian fusion, or, if you are looking for more traditional red sauce Italian, L'Osteria.

      1. I heartily recommend La Galleria 33 on Salem St. It is owned by the same family that own L'Osteria. It is much more of a pleasant seating situation than most of the places in the North End (which cram in tables so that you're nose to nose wtih strangers !). I have taken business associates to La Galleria and the front table at the window accomodated 6-8., plus I recall a fairly large round table for about 8. I've never had a bad meal... always very good. Meals are very reasonably priced... wine tends a bit more pricey. I've been going to the North End forever and even though there's a lot to bash for tourist traps and inferior quality... there are still some very good spots.... and La Galleria 33 fits nicely.. good atmosphere, good waitstaff, very good food, reasonable $$.

        1. I had an awful experience at Fiore...We were seated relatively quickly on the rooftop where two servers managed to spill drinks on my fiance. After 20 minutes of waiting for our server to come take our drink order we went to speak with the host who was very rude. That was the only time ive ever walked out of a restaurant.

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            If $$$ is no object, run to Prezza.

          2. Sitting comfortably at Marco one evening, it was painful to watch Fiore waitstaff navigating those stairs.

            1. Fiore is a truly awful, expensive, and lousy food and worse service. I have had awful service and been told that I can't get tap water at Il Panino and I just think it has generally gone downhill in the last 5-8 years so this place falls into "trap" for me. when I entertain clients and collegues in the North End Prezza is my first choice (veal chop and beef tartare there this weekend that were both phenominal, cod cheeks - less impressive but still fab) and Mama Maria.

              1. I would go with the LaGalleria 33 recommendation.The space is perfect for a business dinner, nicely spaced tables,open kitchen, comfortable atmosphere. I like their canneloni which you don't see on too many menus in the North End. They also do a good veal chop and frequently have seafood specials like the large open faced ravioli with shrimp, mussels and calamari. They take reservations and the staff is friendly and professional. Judging from the boards I would imagine Prezza would be a good choice as well, although it's still on my to go list so I can't speak from personal experience.

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                  I recently had the $46 bone in tenderloin at Prezza and it was worth every penny. One of the top steaks in Boston IMO.

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                    Second that. The steak at Prezza, in my experience, consistently outperforms the beef at Boston's overpriced steakhouses (e.g., the tough and not particularly flavorful sirloin I only half-finished at Ruth's Chris the other night). My first steak at Prezza was a revelation.

                2. Thanks for all your feed back, will stay away from Fiore. Will try Prezza or La Galleria 33 .

                  1. I really liked Fiore. My food was good, as well as the service... definitely go back