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What to eat in Queen Creek & surr. area?...

Hello!! I will be visiting family in Queen Creek and I know my choices are limited. Can anyone recommend some places to a NYC foodie? Not a picky eater so anything (good) goes :=)


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  1. To be honest, the pickings are pretty slim out there and you're pretty much limited to chain restaurants. I would def. recommend thought that a foodie visit the Queen Creek Olive Mill and also The Pork Shop. Both great local establishments. Not restaurants per se, although I believe the Olive Mill does now serve food.

    1. As you are leaving the airport, I would suggest to a family member that you stop at Phoenix Ranch Market (just a mile or so from the west 24th St exit of the airport) for breakfast/lunch/dinner. It's a huge Mexican supermarket, but they have an outstanding food court with tacos, tortas, birria, you name it for really cheap. Try the horchata and grab a pastry.

      In QC, definitely go to the Pork Shop.

      1. We always stop at the Olive Mill when we go to the Pork Shop. For the olive oil of course(don't miss the vanilla olive oil for baking!)...but also fo lunch. Piero's does a nice job for lunch. Last time we weree there they were advertising breakfast as well. Only open Fri/Sat/Sun during summer.

        When we were down there a couple weeks ago we stopped at Schnepf Farms to pick some peaches/Plums(fantastic! But I don't know if they're still doing UPick at this point). Anyway, they were advertising breakfast and lunch at their restaurant as well. Have never tried it so can't recommend one way or another.

        Don't know what else might be out that way...but....think about stopping at the Pork Shop and getting something to toss on the grill. Like the green chile brats! Definitely not something you'll find back in NYC!

        Have a nice visit. :)

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          azhotdish,ziggyk & aztami--I finally visited the Olive Mill over the weekend and really enjoyed it. So much so I bought a bunch of their tapanades, spreads, olives and shipped them back to NYC. Unfortunately we went to the Pork Shop a few days too late...they are closed now for a month.

        2. Hi tryyc,
          I am another QC'er and the "pickings" might not be as slim as you think! I am lucky enough (or not!, lol) to live a block behind The Pork Shop (E. of Combs/Gantzel Intersection). Where are you located? Just trying to find out how far SE you live and I will fill you in on what's out here.

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            hey there...my parents are new to the area and live near the johnson ranch golf course. Thanks to all for your suggestions..keep them coming!

          2. I can't vouch for it myself yet, but family members in the area have said good things about Cravings, a Mexican restaurant run by the same folks that own Gecko Grill in Gilbert.

            Cravings Mexican Grill
            21805 S Ellsworth Rd, Queen Creek, AZ

            1. In south east Gilbert you have the new San Tan Village center at Williams Field and the 202. Kona Grill just opened. We had a really good brunch at the new Brio Italian Restaurant and we have had several good diners at the Cantina Laredo. There is also a Sushi/Martini restaurant the name escapes me right now. Across the street there are a few more restaurants like Ruby Tuesday and Arriba Mexican just opened on San Tan and the 202 next to Costco. For a really great pizza we love Vito and Nicks II. It is at Queen Creek and Higley. They have a pretty extensive menu not just pizza.

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                thanks really appreciate the tips!!

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                  FWIW, I've had completely mediocre and (I feel) overpriced meals at Brio and Cantina Laredo. Good ambiance, but nothing-special chain food. Reasonable chain, but definitely chain.

                2. I have a girlfriend in QC and we meet at Joe's Farm Grill often. It was featured on a TV show recently and has been busy during peak hours, but we never have a wait for lunches or weekday dinners. It's at Higley and Ray, which is "kinda" close - google maps has it as 19 minutes. And within 5 minutes from there is Pita Jungle's new Gilbert location. Search this board and both places have lots of postings and reviews.

                  Joe's Farm Grill
                  3000 E Ray Rd Ste 101, Gilbert, AZ 85296

                  pita jungle
                  1431 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, az

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                    I tried Joe's Farm Grill today and loved it. Very unique and great food--thanks for the tip!