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Jul 9, 2008 04:24 PM

dinner rec's for kamploops

sorry for the double post. Not sure what happened to my first one.
Just looking for a dinner rec for Kamloops. I will be there this saturday with a group of 7 friends. Any recommendations? Please no Chapters as I've been before and not too impressed !!
Money not really an issue.
thanks :)

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  1. This posting is jinxed 'cause I tried replying once and the post was eaten...Minos (tasty Greek food in North Kamloops), Peter's Pasta (Downtown, homemade fresh pasta, fills up fast), If you search this board you'll see other recommendations, but these two are consistently recommended.

    1. I agree with Creighan re: Peter's Pasta. I too will be coming through Kamloops on Saturday night and will definitely be at Peter's. Love the creamy pesto he does, and his caesar salad is good too. All the sauces and pastas are handmade daily by Peter and his wife. But, Peter's is a pretty casual place - very family style.
      If you're looking for something perhaps more upscale, then I would recommend the Brownstone Restaurant. Beautiful building, nice atmosphere, and really interesting menu.

      1. i enjoy Mino's. have had decent experience at Ric's downtown. have heard raves about brownstone from a chef i know. havent made it out there yet, though.

        1. There are few restaurants in Kamloops that I've ever been to and would enthusiastically recommend, unfortunately. I don't mean that there aren't any good restaurants here, but not one springs to mind for a special meal. Kamloops is still a place where the Keg, Boston Pizza, Milestone's, and similiar places are the favorites.

          I wouldn't recommend Mino's - you get a lot to eat there, but it isn't very good. It succeeds by virtue of being the one of... what, two? Greek restaurants in town.

          Warunee's Thai House on the north shore is quite good, and quite authentic.

          Peter's Pasta CAN be good, but it can also be very average. A lack of consistency in quality of food and service is what makes this place only just better than okay.

          Brownstone's and Chapter's Viewpoint are the same.

          Sanbiki is also quite good, and as the chef is from Osaka, authentic. However, the chef is planning to leave, so who knows what'll happen to that place.

          Taka's is not bad, but it is not authentic Japanese food.

          There are a number of Chinese restaurants in town, all of which are average. They don't distinguish themselves from one another. If you want Asian food, it's better to go to Warunee's or try Sanbiki's.

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          1. re: greenmeanie

            interesting to hear the Sanbiki rec. when they first opened, a coworker took his wife, who is japanese. she was not pleased. i never bothered to check it out, but now its been a few years and this is the second recommendation ive gotten in the last few weeks. anything you would recommend there?

            1. re: dani_k

              Sort of stupid to waltz into a place in the middle of BC an expect authentic Japanese. The area is filled with ranchers and tourists hurrying from A to B. Seriously, what do you expect?

              We passed by on a Friday at closing time, and would have stayed. Met a couple who had just enjoyed their meal and said they are regulars.

              I'd give it a try.

              1. re: svanegmond

                Well, to "expect" would probably be silly. But to hope... who can blame anyone who hopes for something good? Especially when all the restaurant signs, menus, and whatnot go on and on about sustainability and high quality.

                I've now been in there once. Was tasty, but probably not amazing enough to lure me back with their prices. Maybe. We'll see...

          2. I was just at Peter's. He works the place. He is an extremely nice guy and clearly passionate about what matters in life.

            I had the seafood puttanesca which is a hidden gem on the menu; gf had the red clam sauce with some noodles and a very well-done caesar salad. Wine list covers the world with some BC emphasis, and the red (!) we had was well-paired on Peter's advice.

            The unevenness in the kitchen may be due to the fact he seems to employ exclusively teenaged girls in his kitchen, or at least front of kitchen doing plating and some service. I heard "bye dad" - and this was a hectic Friday! He seems very hands-on with almost all aspects of the operation there. Swedish guy, running an italian joint in Kamloops. How odd!

            I'm glad I went.

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            1. re: svanegmond

              Peter is actually not Swedish, he is Swiss. There is a part in Switzerland, called Ticino, the most southern part of Switzerland. They speak Italian in the Ticino and the food is very much influenced by Italy as Italy is just across the border from the Ticino. So it is not that odd for a Swiss guy to run an Italian joint! For the girl, that said "bye dad"...this is his daughter, that works there just about every night and she is past the teenage years...she is in her early twenties!