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Jul 9, 2008 04:12 PM

Pili Plantsado ("Ironed" Pili Nut)

My wife, who is Filipina, remembers her grandmother making this desert, and while everyone in her family remembers it, no one seems to know how to make it. Her mother recalls that it involved grinding pili nuts in a bowl, adding (probably sweetened) condensed milk, baking it in a dish, and then browning the top with an iron that had been heated in the oven (not a traditional salamander, but an old flat iron used for shirts), and it came out with a layered texture.

I asked Romy Dorotan, chef at Cendrillon in New York, who is from Bicol where they grow pili nuts, and he said he had never heard of it.

So does anyone recognize pili plantsado (planchado)?

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  1. This page has a recipe for Pili Tart and, although it is difficult to read on the page, if you copy it and paste it to a word or other document editing program on your computer you can read it quite well. It's got a lot of butter in it and, from the way it's assembled, it may very well develop as a layered dish.

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      Thanks! Looks like there are a couple of likely candidates there. The Pili Cake could be another one.