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Jul 9, 2008 03:31 PM

Red Sauce Italian in North End

Looking for suggestions in the North End for Southern Italian.

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  1. La Summa might be a good choice. It's fine for red sauce. As for "Southern" once I was there and they could tell that I was not one of them, by the way I pronounced menu items. (I do not speak much Italian, but when I do speak a little I've picked up the Tuscan accent used by my family members who do.)

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      Artu is always a good choice as well. I used to always recommend Il Panino too, but haven't been there in a while and have read some mixed reviews lately on this site, so I'm not confidently recommending anymore.
      Cibo is always good, and typically not that crowded, on Hanover.

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        As to Il Panino, I just learned that Marisa Iacco is back consulting for the owner, Frank DePasquale (she also was his executive chef at Bricco and then Mare) so perhaps that bodes well for an improvement to the food there. Anybody been there in the last week or so?

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          I was there 2 weeks ago -- wrote a post about it. I was disappointed. The prices were high and the food was generally bland (I think the Pastene pesto I buy at the store is much better than what I was served there). Oh, and no tap water. You have to buy a bottle for the table. The service was good though.

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            I wrote about it 2 weeks ago, I think. We went for a friends birthday. I liked the patio, and the service was good, but the food was only okay, and was pretty high priced for what we were given. Also, they no longer had the porcini mushroom or lobster rav's on the menu.

            For my money, I'd go to either Mother Anna's or Rabia's for a good red sauce restaurant. I love the eggplant rolatini at MA's and the Penne Putanesca at Rabia's is outstanding (as is their porcini mushroom ravioli). I know Rabia's makes their pasta daily - not sure about MAs.

      2. Pagliuca's, Maurizio's, and Saraceno's are especially good for this, though La Summa is also a reasonably decent option. For Souther Italian seafood, also consider Giacomo's or Daily Catch.

          1. Monica's Vinoteca on Richmond St. does a tremendous job, across the board with home-cooked, "Fatte in Casa" dishes. Many insiders, in the biz will verify this. Great wines BTG as well...

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              I agree with the Monica's call. IMO it does not get any love on CH, their list of specials is extensive to say the least. Nice atmosphere too.

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                I had the most delicious mushroom-stuffed ravioli dish at Monica's Trattoria, on Prince Street this past winter. Would go back there in a flash. And I love Maurizio's -- was introduced to the restaurant a few years ago by a friend from Rome who now lives in the North End, and it's the NE restaurant he eats at most regularly.

            2. Mother Anna's is very good.